Which would you give more importance to: website’s responsive design or speed?

Remember those days of dial-up Internet connections? No matter Internet brought a revolution and amazing experience to the people, using it at that time was like a nightmare. Few years back, the speed of the Internet was extremely slow and the download used to take several hours. However as the discovery of Ethernet cable took place, there happened advancement in the Internet speed, as well as the methods of using it. Thankfully now the speed of the Internet has increased to manifolds and we are able to download files in seconds instead of minutes and hours.

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The importance of speed of the website

Most of the people are nowadays using their smartphones and tablets to search online. Just imagine that you are waiting for a site to load and it’s taking too long; what would you do? Certainly you would press the ‘Back’ button or switch over to some other site or simply close it.

There are some useful numeric facts that further illustrate how much effect the loading time has on the usage of that site.

  • 73% of mobile users, browsing Internet said they came across an extremely slow website.
  • 51% of mobile users, browsing Internet said they came across a website which crashed, was frozen or ended up with 404 error.
  • 38% of mobile users, browsing Internet said that a website was unavailable.
  • 47% of users wish that the web page should load within two seconds.
  • 40% of the users immediately discard the websites, which took3 seconds or more to load.

These stats were based on the usage experience of the users;the delay in page loading also has adverse affect on sales. It will be surprising to know that each second of delay in page loading has 7% diminution in conversions. Like for instance if an online shopping site is making $100,000 each day, the page delay of one second can cause a loss of $2.5 million each year. If an e-commerce site is making $100,000 per day, a one second page delay could potentially cost $2.5 million in lost sales every year. Moreover delay in loading of the page also has an adverse affect in the Google page Ranking and this has been announced long back in 2010 by Google. For the marketers it is important to know that the site speed will also affect the Adwords Quality scores. Google, the Big boss believes that the loading time of the home page of any website is like the first experience of the users so its performance should be good. Better the performance of the landing, better will be the scores and ultimately a lower CPC (cost per click).

How important is a responsive design?

Before we talk further on this topic it is important to know what a responsive design is? If you walk up on a street you will find several users using their smartphones and carrying on their tasks which means it has become extremely important for the website developers to build a website that is mobile friendly. The websites can have two types of designs, mobile and responsive. By responsive design we mean that only a single website is made and it is designed in such way that it fits any screen size, whether its a mobile, a tablet or a desktop. A mobile design is different. In this case two websites are being made, one for mobile users and another for desktop users. However if your budget allows you to make a good investment, it would be better to go for a responsive design. However it is not much important that which type of design you adopt for your website, it is more important that how mobile friendly a website is. It’s a known fact that the use of smartphones is taking a bigger shape each day; the stats below will clearly illustrate this fact.

  • The number of Google searches performed through mobile has exceeded 20% of the total searches.
  • Almost 50% of the local searches were performed via smart phones in 2012.
  • 25% Internet users in the US use their mobile for accessing the Internet.
  • 61% of the users made better opinions for brands when they get a good experience from mobiles.
  • More than 25% of emails are surfed through the mobiles only.

Most prominently, a website that is mobile compatible will certainly provide a better experience to the mobile users. If there is any type of deformity, the users will simply switch over to another. When both types of designs are compared it is found that Google has stated that it would prefer a responsive design to a mobile template because it is easier to crawl than a single website. Responsive design has become industry’s practice and practically it is also easier to manage a single website instead of two.

So what’s more important…Responsive design or site speed?

It’s not at all surprising to know that both site’s speed and responsive design have quite a lot of things in common. Because Google is ruling over 67.6% market share of all search engines, it needs to be pleased by the website owners. It has given a serious consideration to both the loading time and mobile performance of the website. If any one of the two is not proper, the Google ranking of the website can drop.

Don’t be doubtful about it. It is expected that by the end of the year 2018 there will be 10 billion mobile devices using the Internet. It means mobile is the future. At present the responsive design is fulfilling the requirement but it may not be able to do so that time. It’s a great idea if there is lack of time to manage multiple sites and from SEO viewpoint it’s also good. If you have not used a responsive design for your website, there is nothing to worry about or bother if your site does loads properly on a mobile. Its better to be on the safer side rather than feeling sorry over the responsive design of your website. On the other hand, responsive design can be useless if you have established certain goals that can be achieved only through a smartphones and mobiles. Some businesses ought to have a mobile website separately to capitalize on their loyal customers.

It can be said that even if the responsive design gets extinct from the online scene, the speed will always be important no matter what. The sites that are using the responsive designs and overlooking the speed of it should get concerned of it. The website is burdened with numerous CSS files certainly it will take time to load. The concluding part here is that it does not matters whether the site is surfed through a desktop, mobile or tablet, speed is the deciding feature whether the users will stick to it or not. The site’s speed will certainly increase the sales and will ensure that the users come back to it again. Lower loading time also has a positive affect on Google ranking. No matter if your site is having an excellent responsive design but is loading too slow, it is likely to loose visitors and also Google ranking.

To check the loading time of website, you can use some handy tools available online.

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