Types of Programming Languages Use in Web Development

Programming Language

Nowadays, languages are playing a very important role in web development because there are numerous effective, easy to use and powerful languages available for development. There are different types of top programming languages for designing and development. The following are some of them:


HTML stands for Hypertext Markup Language that is a programming language and use by developers of all over the world for creating the web pages. HTML is a well known liked and easy to understand programming language. Everyone is familiar with it in Web Development Company and web development world.


CSS stands for cascading style sheet and HTML is not sufficient without CSS because HTML without CSS is like a tea with no sugar. The good CSS code is very important for the good design. CSS plays a very important role in improving the front end design and you can’t think about an excellent website without the best hand in CSS.

JavaScript or jQuery

You have to find out some scripting languages after getting knowledge of the HTML and the CSS, most general scripting language use in the web world is JavaScript. JavaScript use to make html static webpage more attractive and interesting. JQuery is a framework and in other words to say, a document written above the JavaScript, which builds it more simple to the code JavaScript. Companies in the Web Development India market are utilizing this language very efficiently.


PHP stands for Hypertext Preprocessor that is a backend language which runs in a server with the enormous flexibility and great tech. PHP is the most generally used languages for the web development and is an HTML embedded scripting language use to make dynamic web pages rapidly. It is completely open source and free of cost.


C# is a product of Microsoft and this is not open source. This comes through an IDE that is called Visual studio. Doing C# in visual studio saves most of time, for the reason visual studio is the most excellent editor ever known.


JAVA is developed by Sun Microsystems on1990s that is a class-based and object-oriented programming language. Java is intended to work on the several software platforms and one of the most preferable programming languages in Web Development, a normal for enterprise software, web-based substance, mobile apps and games, with Android operating system.


SQL stand for Structured Query Language that is a unique-purpose language for running data in relational database organization arrangements. This is mostly used in “Query” function that looks for informational databases. There are various web development companies which mostly use SQL platform.


Python is a top level and open source server scripting language that can be used for web development and mobile app development. Python can simply run in the LINUX/Windows based servers. It is very scalable and an excellent option for fast application development.


Ruby is an object oriented scripting and dynamic language, similar to python it is open source as well and extremely scalable. In Ruby you can build up websites in addition to application that is mobile based. Ruby is recognized for its easy and simple writable techniques.


Perl is scripting language for programming that has very similar syntax similar to C language. Perl has misplaced its reputation in the web development for the reason that languages with more superior features are now established in web development.

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