How to add a pinch of advancement to your PHP programming?

So, you are looking for some awesome ideas to improve your efficiency in PHP programming. Well, I have tried many good ideas for PHP development and definitely I improved my efficiency a lot by adopting some good ways for PHP development. With the day by day increasing popularity of PHP development, technically efficient workers have rolled up their sleeves and put their hands completely to enjoy expertise in the language. Here is the list of top 6 ways for improvement in PHP development; check out what works in your favor –

PHP Programming

Shortcut the else for better performance

Some ideas of PHP improvement make the code lesser readable; actually those tips work upon performance and speed of the programming. Still, if you are not ready to sacrifice the readability, you can skip the idea of shortcut the else. Many people know well that everything that makes the code smaller and simpler is good for improvement in programming. Keeping middleman out from the process is good way for smooth working of things.

SQL injection

You should know well that SQL injection is something that makes your code vulnerable for hackers. SQL injection is a security exploit that offers the chance of diving into your data to hackers so that your codes can be stolen. Some of the PHP programs use MySQL database thus you should choose the thing that can help you keeping codes secured. In this way your codes will be far lesser prone to script hacking.

Correct use of suppression operator

@ Symbol is the error suppression operator; its correct use will let you know if any error occurs in PHP expression. Also, you will be able to know that that where the error has been generated in PHP development. This is really an excellent way to catch an error if you are not ready to allow the script throwing out errors while it runs. I prefer this idea to promote flawless PHP script on websites.

Use PHP frameworks

Although, you will not be able to apply the PHP framework in every project still some awesome frameworks like Symphony, Zend, CodeIgniter and CakePHP are good to decrease the time spared in website development. Actually, the framework is nothing but software to bundle functionality that helps fastening the development. Also using framework is good idea for elimination of overheads in web development. In this way, you can develop faster processing; lesser the code you use, lesser debugging and tests you will need to carry out.

Due to increasing popularity of PHP, it becomes impossible for developers to work with the least knowledge of PHP. Me too earlier just gone through general introduction about PHP development but with the course of time, I felt requirement of becoming smarter by learning advance tricks and tools in this direction. In this way, I earned proficiency and way to better performance in PHP programming. Also, I keep an eye on websites that display good ideas for advancement in PHP development often. So are you also ready for digging up such useful websites?

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