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“Silence” is the best answer of every question asked by someone to you, either you know reply or not.  Even though, this silence has been eliminated from India as three most popular things are going to shake hands with each others. Being an Indian I am well familiar with these things (Politics, Cricket and Cinema). It is the time to open mouth bigger and bigger as our VIP (Very Important Person) doing.  They are taking training to how to speak loudly but some people are silent and smiling silently.

I am one of those people who are silent to smile as these are part of shining India. There are number of black spots that are generally picked by local and foreign media to show where is India going. I feel proud that I picked shining part of India for that India got desirable respect from all over the world (I feel so). No more pressure on mind fell free to read complete blog post as it is IT sector in India.

IT sector in India is getting popularity with leap and bound (NO DOUBT) but still legging from China. It is not big issue for us because we are in the race and no one country crossed the finishing line till now. Infosys, TCS, Wipro, Satyam are big players from India and leading with number of satisfied clients. India has grown itself as a cheap labor provider country while China, Philippines, Indonesia and some other South Asian countries are doing now. However Quality, Quantity and Satisfaction are missing here.

Indians are eager to learn English like Americans that help us to provide QQS (Quality, Quantity and satisfaction) to our clients in low cost. It is a silent feature of Indian IT company but we smile when we get new clients only for this reason. Some people says Indian are very weak in English and not understand English pronunciation properly (I also thought so).  My thoughts changed when I listen to Chinese and Russian talking in English. They are also poor in English.

There are numerous IT companies in India that are providing services from a single room as well. On the other hand some big companies booked whole building while some have good office campus to offer world class services. I have great respect regarding these small companies because they are backbone of Indian IT industry. These are little star at present but one day spreading light all over the world by developing some amazing software to make human life more easy than now.

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When the idea of creation comes into the mind, the ambitions get shaped at 7eye Technologies.

It is a new venture aiming to achieve heights with its vigilant characteristic and absolutely optimistic approach towards meeting its clients’ desires is the base behind the formation of the company.

This blog is going to compile all the stories that 7eye Technology has came across in its entire life dealing with the worldwide clientele and managing a sound work culture in its location in India along with what enduring too.

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Our mission is “we convert your dream into reality” and we believe to move ahead to its absolute fulfillment in the long run.

We believe what we aim and we aim what we assure & perform!

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