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20-things-to-website-developmentAs Ferris Beuller said, “Life moves really fast and if you don’t stop to look around what’s happening around, you could probably miss it out.” He said this long back, when there was no Internet or technologies and life wasn’t that fast, as it is now. This simply means, what Ferris said, should be done more often now, because nowadays life is running at a lightening speed. This also implies more or less accurately on the web development process.

Web development is a simple process indeed, just hire a good programmer, tell him your basic requirements and you are done, isn’t it? Just stop and look around, do you really think web development is that easy? Well certainly not.; then what’s the best way to get the desired results? How to built a website which is useful today tomorrow and scalable for the updates which will be coming in future. What will make your site popular and properly optimized? Its better to start correctly from the very beginning and avoiding the re-work, which is generally done by most of the developers

1.    Keyword Exploration

If you haven’t done a proper research on the relevant keywords before staring your website development, then you are leaving all means to attract any customers. It simply means that you are building up a website for your personal use. Proper KW research not only gives a meaning to your website but it also provide a treasure of information to the users.

2.    Wire Frames Installation

Don’t ever make the mistake of building up a website design without putting up wire frame together first. Missing this essential step will get you the designsooner than the usual but without wire framing the website design will miss essential elements or have right functions at the wrong place. The deformity can be fixed with simple steps, but it continues to distract the users with some unwanted things. It is advisable to build up wireframe for each important section of your website to ensure that everything is on the right place right now and in the future too.

3.    Grayscale& Color Comp

Gray scale comps are quite popular in the printing design industry. But it is useful in the other areas as well. Many times it is seen that the client rejects the website design because they don’t like the color combinations. With Grayscale Comp a design without colors can be build just using the relevant contrasts and it can be shown to the client. There will be no worry about the likes and dislikes of the client for colors. Later on the design can be filled with colors.

It might happen that the Grayscale comp is selected and colored comp is rejected, but it nothing to bother; the colors can simply be re-arranged or changed without creating the complete design again, till the color comp gets selected.

4.    Coding & Application

There are many web designers who won’t be doing coding of the website, you will probably have to find another person to do that. Well its perfectly fine and can happen quite often, that you need to hire two different persons for doing these two tasks or just one; in either ways coding is very important to accumulate the design together and have the desired functionality in your website.

5.    Validated HTML5

Believe it or not some developers are still using HTML4 for development. No doubt it still works but using the old HTML will make the website obsolete sooner or later; whereas the HTML5 will not only make the site sleeker, clearer and faster it will also make it scalable for adding the most advanced functionalities in future & new media. However it is important that validation is done while using 3rd party tools with HTML5, because it is considered as an essential feature of good coding.

6.    Validated CSS 3

HTML and CSS3 make a very good combo. CSS3 offers several handy tricks which are used when too much JavaScript code or too many images are used (which slows down the site’s downloading speed); CSS3 play a very important role in increasing the downloading speed of the website. Also it gives a fresh and interactive feel to the website. Make sure that the CSS3 is validated.

7.    Search Engine compatible Architecture

Coding a site can be a tedious job specially when additional functionality has to be added, but coding a website without keeping the search engines in mind is of no use. The web developers need to understand the fact that the website is made for the users and unless the site is search engine friendly it won’t be visible in the search results.  They need to remove the architectural obstacles, which adversely affect the sites performance like bad navigation, too many internal links, readable URLs non-crawlable pages and links, slow loading of pages and similar problems.

8.    Omitting Duplicate Content

Along with an architecture that is Search Engine friendly, the web developer should make sure that there is no any type of duplicate content before any search engine crawls over it. There are many tools and websites for checking up the duplicate content but it should be done at the time of the site development and not later on when the site is build. A good developer will make sure that this happen while the development process only.

9.    Styling off-page

This is also a very essential feature of a search engine friendly architecture but it has its own importance. The theory behind this styling is “ lesser the code on a page, better the performance of the site for the visitors”. This is not because the visitors are bothered about the code but this theory works because these codes can hinder the navigation experience of the visitors. The JavaScripts and styles should be moved to external sheets, off page as much as possible so that the browser can download them separately. This will certainly increase the speed of the page and there will be no need to download the codes of entire page.

10.    Media Size Optimization

A very important consideration while development of a website but often ignored. If any type of media is used for a website it should be properly optimized. Many developers failed to look onto this aspect, but the good ones keep this in mind. Every media file whether an image or a video, should be optimized for search engine compatibility and download speed. It is very easy to compress most of the media to become smaller in size and reduce the download time. There is also a keyword optimization feature in Alt tags, which can be used along with the media created.  The videos can be optimized for YouTube search and images for image search.

11.    ALT tag for images

It’s a common practice and mostly the developers are aware of it, but it should be done at the time when the site is building and not when the site is done.  Again there is no sense in going back and re-doing the work, which could have been done at the development stage.

12.    CSS image sprites

Using images sprites can reduce the time of page loading: meaning consolidating several small images into one big image. This way the stress on the server will be reduced. This is especially applicable when images are used on multiple pages. Use of CSS can be done to display appropriate portion of the images.

13.    Mobile Friendly

Are you concerned about your website’s working on a mobile device? If your answer is yes, its great but if your answer is ‘No’ you should immediately work it out. Mobile devices are the first place from where branding starts so never ignore your website’s appearance on a smartphone. If the site fails to work properly on a mobile device it means it is losing out its very first chance of leaving an impression. With an increasing number of mobile searches, a website should be ready for it. If not today it willbe searched tomorrow, but certainly it will happen.

14.    Accessible at various resolutions

Not Just mobile, there are other types of screens on which your website should fit perfectly, iPad, Iphone, Ipad mini etc. The site needs to work well with all screen size.

15.    Optimized site speed

While there are many factors which decide the speed of the site, the speed has its own theory. Even after you have checked everything else for speed it could be possible that it is slowing down.  Just look upon again, what exactly is slowing its speed. Use an appropriate plug-In if needed. Remember speed is very important factor and ignoring it means losing visitors.

16.    Analytics Installation

Adding up all the best ingredients in a website and not adding analytics code is like shooting in the air. You would never know how your site is performing. Analytics code installation is an easy process and should be done while the development process only; it shouldn’t be an after work.

17.    Checking Broken Links and Custom 404

It’s the duty of the developer to check for broken links in a brand new website. No matter how carefully the website has been made, before its launch, a test should run that checks all the broken links to avoid later avoid customer frustration. If by chance there is a broken link in the site, it should end up on a custom designed page and not with a 404 error page which simply says, “ Page not found”. A custom page will keep the users engaged with the website while the 404 page will distract them.

18.    Exclusive testing

No matter how urgent it is the duty of the developer to test the site completely before making it live for the audiences. As each part of the site gets developed, it should undergo testing and at the end of the development it should be re-tested altogether and bugs should be removed. A site full of bugs should not be handed over to the client.

19.    Favicon Branding

Another minute task, which most of the developer’s ignore!It involves adding up a small image that appears on the URL bar when the site is opened. Its known as a favicon, the size is small but impact is huge.

20.    Printer Friendly

It would be great if the website is printer friendly. The pages can be printed and used for reviewing later. If the site is not printer friendly it would be difficult to read the text and blank pages will be printed causing annoyance in the users.

That was quite a long list, but believe me that’s not all. this list is not at all compressible, but yes it can be expanded further. Saving money at the initial stage of web development can cost even higher later on. Hence it is advisable to look keenly into the development process just when it starts.

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Craze and popularity of magento is going on higher day by day with the e-commerce platform. It has become one of the most search engine friendly ecommerce solutions; that’s why many online store promoters are there to take interest in this program. Making an e-store and enhancing its visibility for relevant stakeholders is not a tough task. Whether you want to enhance visibility of your magento store or you are willing to know some SEO tips for your magento website, the ideas given below are efficient to support you for this purpose. These SEO tips are friendly enough to attract your customers and simplify their way to your websites so that they can land on the right webpage while searching valuable information.

magento seo guide

  • Preventing Magento from generation of duplicate content is possible with setting of “Canonical Link Meta Tag” and “yes”. This idea should be implemented at the time when you show single product in various categories.
  • Modification of sitemap is possible at the time you add a new product, page or category in the site. In this way, the sitemap will involve all the newly launched products in your website.
  • Enabling sitemap generation and changing the frequency of same to match the frequency of online store is done with ‘Generation Settings’ box.  This tool offers you the way to update the site map that involves new items.
  • Writing catchy and explanatory descriptions for every category and product is one of the most important to do. I always take care to write good product reviews. Especially whenever I work on new product, category and page, I work exclusively for attractive descriptions as it makes search engine to reveal the page on the basis of certain keywords.
  • One of the most preferable ideas I recommend in this direction is to avail the magento store for search engines directly by creation of ‘robots.txt’ file. This file contains commands that direct search engine towards URLs that user want to be visible in search engine.
  • Writing default title and description in default title and default description boxes is good idea to direct yourself towards the pages where you forget to give title to the content. In this way, there will be no page with blank description in your site while this idea will assure you to simplify the index.
  • The last but really an important point in this series is that use only meaningful names for images. This will impart good impression on visitors of your sites.

At the time you put together your site firstly, you should not forget to spare time or good organization, architecture and navigation of your site. The card sorting exercise can help you a lot in this process. Apart from data, attributes and contents, the designing and presentation of the site should also be search engine friendly. For this purpose, I often do research in successful websites in internet while study material on relevant topic and tips offered by researchers are also useful.

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Since Google has started giving strong signals for quality content in its ranking algorithms, all of us have started concentrating on providing quality content for our websites, weblogs and articles for submissions. However the contents we write have a lot of features in common, but also they also have lots of minute differences which need to be considered to make them differ from each other. To understand the similarities and differences clearly we can add some more information to this fact. If we talk about similarities in all the content types we can say that no matter where you are placing the content, it should be unique, plagiarism free, equipped with sufficient amount of keywords and it should be easy as well as informative.

Article Vs blog
Now lets talk about the differences; if you are writing an article for submission in an article directory how will it differ from the blog post and website content. Lets illustrate the difference between all.

The foremost difference between the articles of all three types is of word count. There is no limit of the word count you want to add in a website. It can be as less as 150 words of as big as 600 words; all depends on the nature of the website. In a blog post, the word count ranges from 200-250 to 500 words; however in a personal blog, there is no limit that how long or how short the owner wants to make it. It is important for the content to be quality and informative and if you want to make your blog even more attractive you can use media. An article is longer than a blog post and starts with a minimum word count of 500 words.

When anyone writes a blog post he is sharing his personal experience or news that he came across. It is less formal than an article. The blog post can be written in personal pronouns. Use of ‘I’ ‘me’ ‘we’ ‘us’ etc. can be done. If someone is sharing news he can write it as his personal experience and use same personal pronouns. When writing a website content use of ‘we’ and ‘us’ is widely done because it is the website owner who is writing about his own website.

While writing a submission article, one should be very careful. It should be written professionally with an informative tone, because the motive behind writing it is to provide thoroughly collected information. Their should be minimal or no usage of personal pronouns like ‘me’, ‘I’, ‘my’,  ‘us’ etc. It should be written with the use of third person pronouns like, ‘their’, ‘them’, ‘they’. While writing an article, the writer should keep in mind that it is informative and it should not appear as if someone is writing about his experience or giving news. As news can be written for an article but then again it should be written with a professional touch.

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Google is striving hard and investing a lot to provide security to the users; which means visitors coming over to use Google, Gmail, Google Drive etc will now have a safer connection. Recently it had switched over to industry’s leading security measure, the HTTPS encryption automatically. Google said, “Not only is the Google site but it also trying to make the entire internet a safer place for browsing. It has made sure that websites that are accessed through Google will be secure in the near future. Lately it had created ways for the webmasters to avoid and fix safety violations in their websites. Not just this, it wants to move ahead on the safety issues and for this, it had announced “HTTPS everywhere” over the internet.

HTTPS everywhere

After this announcement, many webmasters have switched over to HTTPS instead of HTTP which is indeed encouraging. Google has been testing over the sites, taking into consideration that the websites use HTTPS encrypted connections, as a signal to the search ranking algorithms. The test gave positive results; therefore Google had started using the HTTPS as a ranking signal. However the signal is not very strong as of now and affecting only 1% of the search queries across the globe. This signal is carrying very less weight as compared to the other signals, like high level content signal. This will provide time to the webmasters to switch over to HTTPS from HTTP. In future Google has decided to make the signals stronger, so that all the webmasters switch over to HTTPS from HTTP and make this internet a safer place.

For those webmasters, who would be interested in switching over, Google will be publishing a detailed plan in the coming weeks to make the TLS (transport layer security) switching easier. Below given are some basic points to start with and common errors which need to be avoided:

•    Decide whether you need a single or multi-domain certificate.
•    Better to use the 2048-bit key certificates.
•    Make use of relative URLS for assets which lie on the same domain.
•    For all the other domains use protocol relative URLs.
•    Don’t use robots to block your HTTPS website from crawling.
•    Check out more options and procedures on Google, on how to change the website’s address.
•    Let the indexing of your pages happen where-ever possible. Avoid adding any non-indexing Meta tag.

If a website is already having HTTPS on its server, its security level can be tested using the Qualys Lab Tool. If the webmasters are concerned about their sites performance and TLS, they can have a look at its TLS first and then contact Google for further support.

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Joomla is an excellent content management system to support users for web development deals. This award winning CMS is known well for helping in strong online applications. Many features of the content management system are there to offer easy to use interface and extensibility to customers for making this outstanding software special. The best thing about this free of cost program is that it is an open source solution to be available to everyone. As the program is simple and easy to install one need not to be very much advance and techno-friendly to run it. There is no lack of good features in the program for which it is preferred by most of the web developers.

top five Joomla extensions

Here is the list of five awesome broadcasting and advertisement extensions –


It is a social synchronization tool to work awesome for CB and social websites. Jomwall is also a good option for CB website. Well, Broadcast can support you for pushing activities and updates for maintenance of a variety of social networks. As nobody can stay away from certain social networking sites such as twitter, facebook and LinkedIn etc, Broadcast helps one to push the updates of websites directly to social networks. Various plug-ins in Joomla are there to support Broadcast.

Social ads

Being a really strong and effective advertising solution, this program helps the user a lot for online advertising. It introduces great innovation in the system of internet based promotion in the Joomla world. Set up of social ads is as simple as anyone can install the program within a few minutes. Superb ad designing feature, instant checkout and flexible targeting options are the special features about this advertising extension. Certain special facilities with the program are ad performance dashboards; intuitive ad designer and capacity of offering improved ROI together make this system outstanding.

J Give

J Give is an extremely popular ‘crowd funding’ extension that support the user to create fund catchy projects, acceptance of donations and upgrading projects as per requirements. In this way, users can easily raise fund for school events, charity, causes, personal projects, business deals, health services etc. This type of extension simplifies the deal of online promotion. Boosting traffic of the website by earning favor of customers becomes easier with this program.


It will be really awesome if you will use Jticketing extension for Joomla to offer the facility of purchasing tickets to users on your website. As the program has been designed with efficiency of scaling and assisting numerous event systems, users love to prefer it for selling tickets online.


This exciting add on for Joomla features for live chat in social networking. Whether you talk about the help desk system or social networking site, the Jbolo extension works always to offer immense value of the work. Groups chat and pretty templates in this program works perfectly to meet the demand of customers?

I tried all these extensions in Joomla and they have been proven unbelievably awesome. I am sure that all of you will also find them interesting and beneficial.

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There is a constant competition and considerable amount of rivalry between online stores to be on the top in the e-commercial center. Magento is one such great platform of magnitude and perspicacity put together to generate something beyond imaginations. It is an open source e-commerce development platform built to cater to the needs of building web applications, websites and other tools at enterprise level. The extensive range of Magento tools and its wide-conceptual thinking to provide multidimensional functions for e-commerce development has increased its importance in establishing the powerful solutions for e-commerce platforms.

Features of Magento

However, the success of any online store relies completely on the fact to attract new clients and retain the present ones. The number of online-buyers has increased tremendously within last couple of years and the expansion in the number of new buyers is ongoing. The revenue generated by the online retail and wholesale stores has raised the bars of world economy. Such instances also have raised competition level and it cannot be dealt in a  casual manner. The businesses both flourished and new are witnessing new challenges every day.

The secure and attractive options that are a feature of Magento have managed to attract new businesses to establish new e-commerce websites and benefit from online features. To be at par from other open source platforms, Magento has updated itself with some new features such as:

•    New modes to authorize .Net payment component– Magento stores are updated with three new features that are related with the compliance of Authorization of .Net payments. The three nee features are:
o    Reversal of Authorization
o    Balance response
o    Limited authorization

With these new features, now clients can use numerous prepaid cards, blessing cards or charge cards for online payment.

•    New payment gateway – Magento has also introduced another payment gateway with the help of Authorize.Net and PayPal. With the help the new payment gateway; admin have the feasibility to add and customize new payment modes. These payment modes include gift cards, debit cards, pre-paid cards and credit cards. Admin now can select the payment method depending on the regulations of their country.

•    Easy product configuration – The feature assists in providing better customer experiences. It enables the ability to implement easy changes in custom product selection and configurations with improved shopping cart facilities.

•    Improved order status tracking –With Magento Enterprise, it is easy to track and mange orders. Now you can assign order status with the states of the order in an easy manner. Admins are able to manage the orders statuses more effectively and efficiently.

•    jQuery JavaScript – Magento now uses jQuery JavaScript library that major content management systems are utilizing nowadays. Individuals who keep a deliberate distance from backend advancing makes use of this default library to be more effective in their workings.

•    Gift features – The gift option provided by the Magento has enabled vendors to provide their clients with the facility of product wrapping facility. The price range for different types of packing can be defined through ‘Gift Option’ available in Magento platform.

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After the smooth sail that WordPress v.3.9 offers a maintenance release version- the WordPress 3.9.1 is here. This new kid on-the-block has confronted and fixed some of the bugs- about 34 of them that were troubling users of the popular WordPress 3.9.  While you’ll find most latest and major updates in the v.3.9 there have certainly been some issues associated with it, which now have suitably resolved in the v.3.9.1. So go ahead and revel in the convenience and power of WordPress v.3.9.1!


WordPress 3.9: Scoring On Features

Remember that WordPress v. 3.9.1 is just a maintenance release specifically for v.3.9. The WordPress 3.9 has already registered over 9- million downloads and its roaring success to gain a strong acceptance is attributed to a sturdy set of features topped on by a bagful of awesome surprises. So you now have the ability to upload any and as many images as you want by drag-dropping them from the desktop to the WordPress Editor. Editing images becomes easier and scaling images can now be directly achieved.  The widgets have been further customized and users can preview themes for performing customization as they want.

WordPress 3.9.1: What’s In the Kitty?

While the background updates for the next in line- the version 3.9.1 begun as soon as WordPress 3.9 aka ‘’Smith” was launched in May 2014, it’s been some time coming for the entire maintenance version of the expected facelift to burrow out. So what do you have in the WordPress 3.9.1? For starters a large number of fixes, covering bugs in encountered while working on multisite network and improvements to the all-new feature of audio-video playlists. You can also enjoy a better level of performance in every aspect. The previous version can be updated via the options available on the WordPress Dashboard.

Issues Resolved?

If you’re one of the numerous users of WordPress v.3.9 and have faced any of the frequently encountered issues in it, WordPress v.3.9.1 comes as a relief. It takes care of some very important hiccups. Some of them are:

  •    Disappearance or breaking down of visual editor
  •     Breaking down of visual editor on using of Zedity v3.1.0
  •     Visual editor becomes disabled preventing text entry during use of SoundCloud Is Gold v.2.2.1
  •     Visual editor getting disabled on use of MailPoet Newsletters v.2.6.3 owing to the outdated and obsolete TinyMCE plugin.
  •     Issues in link insertion in Ultimate NoFollow v.1.4.1, admin tweaks in v.2.3.8 and Qtranslate v.2.5.39.

Excellent Media Editor

While WordPress 3.9.1 is just right if you want to create portfolios or work on a huge volume of images on the cloud one notable improvement has been in the forte of media editing. The current updates available on both, the v.3.9 and v.3.9.1 for image editing, managing audio playlists and gallery are just a few to name. Overall the experience is far more effective and enriched. A great add-on is the added ability to drag images right to the ‘Post Editor’. Resizing of images is now also possible from within the WordPress Visual Editor. This really makes the entire process for composition much simpler!

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In today’s online world, Joomla is the most preferred and reliable content management system. With over 40 million of downloads, it is standing next to the most used CMS WordPress. And with the introduction of the 3.2 version with added customizations and features, the success rate of developing an online business on an open source will sure going to reach new heights. So let’s have a look at the extraordinary features of the new Joomla 3.2 and choose whether it will work great for your business or not.

The new Joomla 3.2 has brought in new encryption tool ‘Bcrypt’. It is an encryption tool that helps to store passwords in Joomla website database. Another great feature is RAD or Rapid Application Development tool. It helps in the development of Joomla extensions. The list does not end here, the new version also has added security feature by implementing two-factor authentication option. Along with these important features, Joomla 3.2 also has:

•    Improved or enhanced template manager
•    AJAX interface
•    HTML form attributes and fields
•    A micro-data semantics library
•    WYSIWYG editor

To give their users a comparison between the two versions, Joomla 3.2 comes with ‘Version Control’. You can anytime roll back and compare the pre-existing contents simultaneously with new updates.

Joomla 3.2 developers have aimed to give your website a complete new facelift and improve the consistency and success rate of your online business. To improve the security measures, they have worked hard to provide a great UI/UX enhancement, which increases the speed and accuracy of your websites. With an ever-increasing demand for several Joomla extensions and other third party developing tools, Joomla 3.2 features an extensive “app-store” commonly found with the name “Joomla Extension Finder”.

Content versioning, another great feature of the improved Joomla version let users store and access different versions of Joomla contents in a single click. To modify, manage and duplicate the Joomla themes; users can now use advanced template manager. It has built-in editor and file-manager which makes the work easy to perform right from the administration panel only. With these new improved features of Joomla 3.2, it satisfies almost every segment of online business, whether they are small or big.

Despite the new value-added features, the main difference that makes Joomla 3.2 stand out from its previous versions is the simple mode of action. To increase the feasibility and attract users from different parts of the World, this version is released in multi-lingual format. Such an initiative will help Joomla boost its popularity and be the top open source CMS platform.

With diverse innovative ideas, Joomla 3.2 has kept an eye to provide solutions to the problems often faced with user interface, third party extensions and enterprise functionality. The user interface is now easy to use and the improved layout now highlights important controls and settings, which helps in providing better user-experience not only for advanced developers but also for amateurs. But still there are some scopes of improvement which should be brought in by the administrator’s side to make Joomla the #1 content management systems.

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Facebook Pages form an important part of today’s business marketing. In fact many Facebook pages are now taking the shape of online stores where you can buy and sell things. With an increased number of users, Facebook has taken some effective steps to answer the prayers of page managers around the globe. They rolled out some new features that will help to manage and promote pages in an easier and effective way. With the launching of new Facebook Pages Manager app for iOS users, now users have the freedom to manage their pages while sitting in a car or restaurant.

facebook logo

In addition to the launching of Facebook Page Manager App, the developer’s team at Facebook also has launched post scheduling and a hierarchy management of page administrators. These may sound like little changes but they have got a remarkable response from the users as it has made the Facebook management and marketing a child’s play.

New Facebook feature of automatic scheduling of page posts has helped a lot of companies to save time and money. This new feature has also eliminated the use of third party applications which users early used to schedule the Facebook posts. Earlier, when the users were dependent on 3rd party apps, it created a lot inconvenience. The frustrations of users was that these outside Facebook apps tend to leave their company name and also removes the “share” option from text and link updates. However, with the introduction of the Facebook feature, now admins can schedule their posts up to 6 months in advance and or set a time frame of 15 minutes to update multiple updates without the use of any 3rd party application.

In addition to the automatic scheduling, Facebook has also added different levels of page administrators. In particular, there are 5 levels like a hierarchy in business models to allot different roles according to different levels. These levels of administrators are:

•    Moderator
•    Content Creator
•    Manager
•    Insights Analyst
•    Advertiser

Manager of the page has the same rights as before and can do anything he feels like to do, while content manager has the rights to manage admin roles. The moderator helps to keep an eye on updates and is responsible to manage comments, create ads, view insights and send messages. The advertiser and the insight analyst have the least power. They can only create ads or view insights of the page. All admins have the role of manager of the page and later on decides on which roles to be assigned to which user.

The Facebook is trying to evolve regularly and is now not just a mere hangout where people come to share links and photos. With a dream to capture more than 800 million users, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg is all set to bring diverse features for its users and businesses to expand his feet in the world of social networking. If you are not satisfied or face any issues with the new updates, make sure to open a discussion about it. Facebook is very keen in providing solutions taking each and every person’s feedback.

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People looking for an amazing ecommerce platform with classic features to strengthen their web based business will like to read this post further. Although, I was not aware about all the advantageous features of Magento, the outstanding Ecommerce foundation, still after knowing about the same through internet and utilizing the system, I believe strongly that this tool is efficient to power up one’s business. Whether you want your site to respond quicker or you are willing to enjoy a flexible and scalable Ecommerce tool, you need nothing but to prefer Magento, the globally recognized tool for commercial success. In this direction, Magento Developers Toolbox V2.0 can help you a lot as it is the latest collection of all the required tools that are significant to enjoy benefits of Magento at fullest.

Magento tools

Useful Magento tools

When it comes upon the collection of Magento tools which are useful for development of responsive and Ecommerce websites, the first to come in the list is PHP console. The tool offers users to test the code through simple insertion of PHP codes into console whenever things do not display well. Evaluation of codes with Ajax and display of result in an output window is good idea to simply designing of webs.

Next name in the series is Minigrid is an extension which is developed by Brys Sepulveda. With the help of this tool, you can define grids in Magento configuration. Although, it is a simple task to develop a grid still things become complicated often such as blocking IPs, script remarketing etc.

Further I will like to mention about N98 Magerun that offers ultimate comments for working with magento. By using this tool, you will know that how simple it becomes to design a Magento site through commands. Apart from all these tools, Magicento is a plug-in to support people work well with the Ecommerce platform. Whether you are a new user or experienced one, you can enjoy magic of the plugin for rocking performance of Magento.

Debugging tools

Magento Developers Toolbox is something that never misses any tool that you will need during magento development throughout your job. In this direction Firegento is the best solution for debugging but you will have to compromise with the tool as documentation of the same is German. Offering simple, easily accessible and swift overview towards possible sources of errors, this debugging tool seems successful in the field of its function. Here is the list of featurs this debugging program involves –

•    Detection of conflict rewrite
•    List of all installed modules
•    Far flexible development of modules
•    Edition of logs in backend of Magento

Enjoy assistance of awesome developer toolbar

One more important thing to tell here is the outstanding wee developer toolbar which is really good. You may experience the tool invasive still going back to it can work better.
Overall, I am happy to enjoy this latest Magento developers toolbox. This amazing collection of magento tools can even simplify things for new Magento user.

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