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social media

No matter what the nature of your business is or what type of products you are selling, social media marketing plays a very important role in popularizing your business. This is certainly true and many marketing experts always advice to use social media as a promotional tool for your business. There are ample of study material present on the Internet on ‘How to make use of social media for marketing your business.’There is ample of information on using Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and other social media websites. The information will guide you how to promote your brand and how to generate web traffic on your main business website.

You have to bear in mind that although social media is a strong marketing tool, it can reap benefits only if it is used in correct way.

Before starting with the discussion a question which comes in the mind of every businessman who is new to the social media is ‘How can is social media utilized for generating leads, customers and real revenue’? The world has shrunk and everyone is connected electronically through social media, irrespective of their gender, age and financial status. The latest usage stats on social media are as stated below:

•    68% of small businesses will efforts for social media marketing by 2015.
•    56% of Twitter users are using the micro blogging for their business related tasks.
•    40% users have ‘Friends’ or ‘Like’ a particular page or brand on Facebook.
•    20% of the tweets are related to products or services.
•    45% of users on Facebook say that they would recommend a page or product to others on FB.
•    44% Twitter users recommend good products or services to others.
•    Social media has a key role to play in influencing shopping habits of people- 28% of shoppers say that Facebook alone has influenced their purchases.

Above were mixed stats of all the popular SM site, Facebook alone has following stats:

•    There are around 400 million active users on FB.
•    50% of active users login into their account each day.
•    Each user has averagely 130 friends.
•    The users spend around 50 billion minutes every month of FB.
•    There are 160 million pages, events and groups active on Facebook.
•    Averagely each user is connected with 60 pages, events and groups.
•    Each user averagely creates 70 snippets of content every month.
•    Both male and female use Facebook almost equally, 47% & 53% respectively.
•    Average age of 61% of users is 37.
•    Users aged between 18-24 years are not limited to any particular Social media; they are spread out all-over.

The stats above are quite interesting and can be useful for the businessmen who are looking forward to promote their business through different social media websites; but wait; there are still many entrepreneurs who are not much into using Facebook or any other social media website. They might not even have an email or even a proper website for their business which means they are not much tech savvy. They have to act differently and almost need to start from scratch. Firstly they need to understand the importance of having emails, social media profiles and should first become familiar with the social media environment and trends. They should begin with the following steps:

1.)Start up your own website

A website is like an online face of your business. If you are already having a website for your business, it’s great but if not, get it done immediately. When you will invite people through social media, your website will be the landing place for them. They would get to know your business better and will develop trust easily. It acts like a 24-hours sales team. Never leave your website barren because it will create a negative impact on the visitors and all the hard work which you did for attracting them will go waste.

2.)Launching your own Blog

The efforts, which you are making towards social media marketing, will be reflected through the contents, which you are sharing. When you create your own blog you appear to be an industry expert. It’s the best place for sharing and publishing online contents. You can educate your prospective clients about your products, services, latest trend and news. You can associate your blog with your social media profiles and whatever you will update on your blog will be reflected on your SM profiles. Make sure you keep it updated and don’t leave it barren.

3.) Complete your social profiles

Although, no one looks at your social profile very keenly; but an incomplete profile will surely leave a negative impact on the visitors. They come across as inconsistent, unprofessional and barren- which is certainly not the impression you would want to put on your prospect clients.  Complete and informative profiles, on the other hand will put an in-depth and good impression to the clients. They will get to know you better and develop a trust towards your business. Don’t forget to include keywords related to your business specialty and geographical location in your profile.

4.) Make your profiles interactive

Once you’ve completed your Social media profiles, don’t think that your work is over and it will bring prosperity to your business. Never leave it unattended and whenever possible try to share as many media as possible like, videos, images, stats, slide shows to make it more interactive andkeep the visitors engaged.

Above was pre-preparation to start playing with Social media marketing. If at any point you get stuck, simply search online and you will find immediate help. You can also ask for help from someone who is already familiar with all these.

Once you become familiar with the trends of social media websites you will have to convince your prospects about your active participation in each website. It’s time now to study, your consumer base; where they spend their maximum time, which groups they use etc.

Below are few tips for the businesspersons who are already using social media marketing platforms and they want to take their marketing to next level.

1.) Follow your customers wherever they go:

It’s always important to know that where your potential customers will be found:you need to be present there and not in your own comfort zone. To find your potential customers consider the following points:

•    Conduct a survey amongst your potential clients and your exiting clients.
•    Monitor and analyze carefully the traffic on these social websites to know where the customers are sharing information about your business and who are your competitors.
•    Analyze marketing research or stats about the use and demographics of different social media.

2.) Interact with and keep the users engaged:

In order to build relationships with your customers it’s important to actively participate in the conversation of network groups and communities; this is the core method of building relationships. You should bear in mind that, to be judged as industry’s expert you should always share information that is interesting, relevant and useful and not just crap.

3.) Keep an eye on the Competitors:

To make your efforts work, you also need to gather information on what your competitors are doing. To check their activities conduct a competitive analysis on the top five businesses, which you think are competing you:

•    Which social media sites they are actively participating in?
•    Which type or contents are they publishing?
•    What type and how many followers they have?
•    Which type of products, events or programs they are promoting?

4.) Release your unique products, offers or programs

Every business has a unique selling point (USP) to hit the potential customers. Identify the needs of your potential customers and offer that unique feature to them, which your competitors are not offering. Even if few of the customers switch over to your brand, they will act as good marketing channel for your business by sharing their positive feedbacks. For instance you can provide discount coupons or gift vouchers etc. to your customers.

5.) Be Authentic and transparent:

You might have heard the words ‘Transparency and’ & ‘Authenticity’ quite often, as they are being overused nowadays. However they need to be very essentially incorporated to be successful within the social media groups. They are essential elements for building trust on your customers and make a healthy and long-term relationship with them.

6.) Make it easy for your followers

If you are offering something to your clients through social media, never compromise with quality. You should make everything so easily for the prospects that they can purchase relevant items through your social media profile only.

7.) Always take feedback from your clients

Your relationship with the clients should not end after the products are sold, instead it should start after the deal is done. If you offer after service to your clients they will always publicize your services positively amongst their acquaintance. Make efforts towards gathering the feedbacks from consumers, analyze the results and ask them how the products and services can be made better. This you can promote your product on a larger scale.

These were the few marketing tips on ‘How to use social media’ for providing you a foundation of success and helping you grow your business

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manage blogs

Currently if you set up a new business in a store, you also need to look upon its powerful presence in the online medium. Several popular methods including Facebook, Google+, Twitter etc. comes in our mind for this. Along with the above few, a company’s official blog also plays a very important role in successfully presenting your entire business in the online world. Although the blog too requires exposure of the social popular social networks mentioned above.

An effective blog can be the truest voice of your business; it provides your newly evolved business, a unique identity and an online presence. A blog can be effectively used for displaying your products with proper description, answering queries of consumers and informing about a new info to a large mass of people, in a short span of time. This is also an effective way of portraying yourself as an industry’s expert. Let’s find out how to start and how to maintain a level of consistency in your official blog.

Develop a consistent Tone

The ability of incorporating a personality into a brand is the biggest challenge in creating a company’s blog. It’s great if a single person is contributing to the blog; but if several people are writing for a single blog, makes sure that they all have a common tone for the writings. The writing can be either conversational or professional or a combination of both. Another way of maintaining consistency is to be industry specific and not to write anything which distracts the readers from the main topic.

Share your writing on social platforms

Nobody will be visiting your blog unless you bring it in front of the public through social media or any other source. Promoting is important especially at an early stage of your blog. Begin your posts with sentences like “Today we are talking about…” “Today we have on our blog…” and something similar. Once you build followers for your blog, you just need to share the posts as a new article is added to it and the regular followers will automatically come to it for availing the offer. Share whatever you write, no need to be shy about it.

Contribute only quality writings

Whenever you want to contribute a new post to the company’s blog, just look at your blog post from reader’s viewpoint. Ask yourself that would you like to read the post if it wasn’t written by you. If the answer is yes, it’s great but if the answer is ‘No’ then you have to be creative and re-write the blog post to make it interesting for the readers. Don’t give very long and detailed information in a single post, it might bore the readers and distract them. Instead try to convey your words through images, videos, infographics, graphs and other media.

Give immediate e response to the customers

A good blog can be a great communication channel between the readers and the company. If a reader has a query about your company or its products in the form of comment, you should immediate reply to it. Don’t ignore any comment or query, even if it’s negative. Be assertive and directly address the issue without hiding anything.

Go for article and link exchanges!

Articles and Links exchanging is a very interesting method of exposure. Once your blog gains popularity, search for similar blogs and contact its owner. Find out whether he is interested in cross-blogging relationship or not. You will certainly find one such blogger. Exchange articles with him and place his articles on your blog. This way you will get double exposure also something new and fresh for your readers to enjoy.

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51 minute checkups before launching a website

Although these mistakes appear to be very minute, but the negative impact they have on the visitors is huge. These small things could lead to big losses. Don’t let such a thing happen. Perform a quick quality check for your website and you could launch the website without worrying about any such issues.

Each part of the website starting from a launching pages to sitemaps should be given utmost importance. Well, it is good to have this lucky 51 checklist before your website launch. Make a copy of your own and perform these check ups each time a new website is launched.The checklist has been fragmented into several sections. Perform check with each section individually.


Its the Backbone of your website; very important from all aspects, hence it is a must to review the entire content of your website very keenly. No matter it’s the page content or it’s your premium content, keep an eye on both. Now content does not only mean readable contents but it will also include the data-driven content, documents for downloading, rich media content like images and videos. Check whether everything is in proper place and looks attractive. Don’t you dare to miss anything, even a single typing mistake? Once done check all again with the following checklist:

1.    Proofread the entire web copywriting; make sure there are no spelling or grammatical errors.

2.    Formatting like paragraphs, headers, footers etc. are correct.
3.    The copyright date has the current year (present at the footer).
4.    Company contact details are intact and updated.
5.    Generic content like ipsum, lorem has been detached and replaced properly.
6.    Images, audio files and videos are at their correct locations, properly formatted and functional on all devices.
7.    All the premium contents, such as e-books, case studies and whitepapers etc. have been proofread with no spelling or grammatical errors.
8.    All the premium contents such as e-books, case studies and whitepapers etc. have been placed at their respective libraries, databases etc. and are functional.
9.    Rights to contents, images, fonts etc. is properly licensed or cited.


Next, come to the design of your website; make sure it is pixel perfect. You should prefer a responsive design for your website so that you can easily check the design in multiple devices. The design of the website should look perfect not just on a desktop but also on laptop, ipad, tablets, iphone and any other smartphone. Check from the following checklist:

10.    All the pages of website are compatible with all the popular browsers i.e. Internet Explorer 7, 8, 9 and 10, Firefox, Safari, Chrome etc.
11.    All the pages of website are compatible across all popular devices.
12.    HTML/CSS/others are accurately validated.
13.    Scripts and images are properly optimized across the web pages.
14.    CSS is properly optimized within web pages.
15.    Presence and proper functionality of Favicon.
16.    Proper functionality of paragraph styles, headers, lists, quotes etc.


Another very important section, which will attract new leads and will keep the customers engaged. Its the third section of the website which should be given importance by checking various functions of it, like the lead generating forms, social media sharing, CRM integration etc. All should work without errors.

17.     Data is submitted in the forms properly.
18.     A proper message is displayed after the form is submitted.
19.    The form submitted automatically is saved in the company’s details or sent to the recipient.
20.    If auto responders are present, they work properly.
21.    There are no broken internal links; all function properly.
22.    There are no broken external links and they open up in a new tab.
23.    Social media icons are proper and redirect properly.
24.    Feeds are properly functional.
25.    The link on the website’s logo is redirecting to the home page.
26.    Loading time of each page is properly optimized.
27.    Instead of 404-error page, there is a proper landing page.
28.    Third party tools integration is running properly.

Search Engine Optimization

Your website is of no use until it reaches out to the prospective clients. To make this happen, your site’s architecture should be in compliance with SEO. Content, images, metadata and XML sitemaps etc., all should form a strong foundation for proper SEO. Check with the following points whether your site is compatible enough or not:

29.    Each page has unique Meta title with Keywords in it and is around 60 characters.
30.    Each page has proper Meta description that is of less than 160 characters.
31.    All pages contain 10 or lesser keywords, which appear in the page copy.
32.    Meta data is properly placed for any social media sharing content or for an RSS feed.
33.    There are no grammatical mistakes in the metadata.
34.    All the images are laced with Alt Tags.
35.    Creation of dynamic XML sitemap has been done and it has been submitted to every search engine.
36.    Each URL constantly reflects information from the site.
37.    301 redirects are all proper redirecting the old pages to new ones.
38.    rel=”nofollow” tags are properly placed in whichever pages and links they are applicable.


A very important aspect for a website! Design your website in such way that it is able to capture web analytics and data. This feature will help your website to consistently improve and be updated all the time. Hence this feature is a must. Further check the website with the following checklist:

39.    Check your website contains the analytics code in proper place.
40.    Appropriate IP addresses have been omitted from the analytics tracking.
41.    Goals and Funnels (if applicable) have been correctly created in the analytics.
42.    Google Analytics and Webmaster accounts have been properly synced.
43.    Google Analytics and Adwords accounts have been properly synced.

BackUps & security

Next very important step is to prevent the website against loss, damages and malware by setting security and backups.
44.    Monitoring scripts are fixed.
45.    A proper backup of the entire website have been taken and continuously the backups and copies of the website are taken.
46.    Passwords and other important credentials are kept in a safe place.


Because your website has been created for use by public, it is important that it should comply with all the applicable laws and regulations. The laws can be tricky and each industry has it own protocols to be followed. You should consult your legal advisor before a website launch and check that you aren’t missing anything. The checklist below is not any legal advice but the points below are few things, which you should know.

47.    Web Pages provide convenience for users with debility. (WAI-ARIA)
48.    Announce through webpages if the website is using cookies. This is required in few countries.
49.    The website is in compliance with properly purchased rights for codes, fonts and images.
50.    If your website is processing credit cards, it should be PCI compliant.
51.    Terms & Privacy Policies are easily readable to the visitors.
Launching a website is definitely a tedious job but it can be made easy if successful if proper steps are followed. You can easily reduce a lot of stress with the use of this comprehensive checklist provided above.

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For all those digital marketers out there: Don’t you all like variety in your cuisines? What about your content, is there variety in it too? While variety in your cuisines can spice up your life, variety in the contents can make the life of digital marketers easier. After all ‘Variety is the spice of life’. When a digital marketer has created a perfect snippet of his content, he can go few more steps further by recreating and repurposing the contents in several ways. It appears simple but is it really that easy? Let’s find out.

Content marketing

I selected my favorite content from a blog and scribbled together few variations of the original story.  To know what exactly I did, and what you can do keep reading. Posting your single content to one place and hitting ‘Publish’ does not mean your content is obsolete. Below are some fantastic ways with which you can re-use the same content in 10 different ways.

1.) Share on social media several times

Is it allowed to share same post on various social networks multiple times? The researchers say, ‘Yes’!  This was said back in November 2013 in a post and support from many visitors came to it.  Like for a true example, a post was originally published on 17th March and it was re-published on Twitter on 20th May. The re-published tweet had twice the re-tweets of the original and it crossed all the previous tweets on the post.

Reposting is a simple process and can be performed easily. There are few ways to do it. Just follow a simple sharing workflow on any social media, which you use the most. Below are some tips:

•    Share directly from your Facebook and Twitter
•    Share via Blog and post through a sharing browser extension.
•    Share via clicking and dragging contents from your Buffer dashboard to the social media profile queues.

2.) Break the content in snippets for easy sharing

The variation done with contents for reposting on social media networks is to share the original link or content with a new punch line or a snippet each time. Headlines are often tested this way by running few variations of the content on the same day it gets published. As the time passes, you can alter the original content in different forms by pulling out snippets within the content. Frame the snippets in terms of quotes and stats. You can also create a timetable for sharing on your social profiles. To understand this in a better way you can have a look at this image.

social sharing timeline

Now, bringing up 12-15 snippets from each article is quite a tedious task (one would prefer writing a 400 words blog post rather than this.) But it can be simpler if you break down the things. Start making the snippets as subheads. “How often to post to social media article?” is a brilliant example to illustrate how we can create snippets out of a particular post.
Few of its subheadings have been dug out which are as follows as first step:

•    “How to strike the balance between informative and annoying”
•    “The optimal frequency for posting to social media”
•    “How often you should post to Facebook”
•    “How often you should post to Twitter”
•    “How often you should post to Google+ and LinkedIn”

Secondly, if we look at the stats from the original posts the following snippets can be framed:

•    Why there should be only 14 tweets per day?
•    Why the best tweeting time is 3: 00 am CT?
•    Top Brands contribute only a single post each day on Facebook.
•    1 Post per day: Best practice for LinkedIn.
•    How many minutes a tweet take to be over the hill?
Lastly search quotes from the original content and frame snippets:
•    The 3-steps guide to social media posting
•    Multiple publishing of fresh content to various social media
•    When the tweets are repeated, they are more likely to attract visitors.

3.) Create an Instagram Tip

Another interesting way of posting content snippets to a social media is to create few Instagram tips.  For posting on Instagram as tips, you would certainly need a very good image as a Backdrop. Here, you will find a resource of big free image sources  to select the most appropriate backdrop image. If you wish to create your own image on desktop for posting on Instagram number of third party apps are available which would transfer the image from your desktop to your iPhone’s camera roll. Alternately there are also many iPhone apps that let you directly create iPhone apps and post it to Instagram.

4.) Submission in Content communities

Information channels that are user-curated are a proven way to create additional traffic. Digg and Reddit have been extremely popular on their peak time. The users use to share links, the communities used to vote for their favorites and this would make the best content to float at the top. Now the content communities that are popular are: Hacker News, Growth Hackers, etc.  If you wish to repost an article to a content community, is a good choice. Just click on the “submit” button home page and the content link as instructed.

Most content communities have guidelines for posting. Remember they are not for spamming, hence be very careful while posting a content, it should be genuine and not a spam. It should keep the users engaged.

5.) Spinning off old blog post

Great contents produce Great contents

Look out for the posts, which have got an excellent record earlier. If the contents of the post haven’t expired they can spark up new ideas for another post. If it has been successful earlier, just copy it. The first step for spinning off the content is to create some innovative variations out of it and then cling on to the original post.
A new idea can rise up with each part of the content and once you have your ideas, an article can be easily crafted out of it. A good writer can do it in as less as four hours for us it might take a day or two.

6.) Building a Sequence of Guest Posts

You must be thinking that guest post is posting articles on different topics each time, however the codeless interactive has suggested to try the mix and match method. Consider each blog post as a two-piece info- first part as story intro and second part as body.  You know the moral behind each part and you also know that this blog post is successful, create two new guest posts by altering the story. This works awfully well.

7.) Update the Content and re-publish it

Do you think the content which is fresh today will remain fresh and updated six months later? Certainly a big ‘No’! It is likely that the same topic will have some additional researches added onto it or a new social network might be evolved. We cannot let go off our old content which was a huge hit in it time. Yes but we can update with the latest information and re-publish it again.

8.) Post on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is also a superior platform for content creation and reposting. The LinkedIn publishing platform is presently being rolled out to all the users; several users are already using this feature and may be you too are one of them. To check whether you are eligible for this feature or not, just log into the home page and look for ‘Share an update’. If you are having the publishing powers, you will see a pencil beside the gray paperclip at the right side of the update box. Hovering the cursor here will provide you an option to ‘create a post’. Then you can simply copy and paste whatever you want from your original article in the LinkedIn Editor.

9.) Posting on Medium

Reposting on Medium ( works quite in resemblance with LinkedIn, you can take some snippets out of your original content or the entire content and post on Medium. To post on Medium, click on the Medium icon placed at the left top corner to drop down the vertical menu. Click on the ‘New Story’ from the expanded menu. Here you can add the main title, a subheading and the entire body of your story. You can also add one main image which will appear as the background at the top of your article when it gets published. Once posted, your article gets immediately live on the site. Publishing on Medium is as easy as ABC… plus you get something extra as bonus for publishing on Medium:

Link Suggestion- At the end of each post you make, you get the option of suggesting a link for further reading. You can use it for placing the link of your original article or blog post.

Collection- You can pile up all or some of your posts into themed collections which will highlight some current hot topics like social media tips, content creation tips etc. whatever you might find popular on the site.

10.) InfoGraphic creation

What does it takes to get maximum shares? Certainly the content, that is visible clearly. All of us have been very enthusiastic to add a visual element in our blogs which is attractive, this means that getting out of the designing tools and creating infographics. Canva is a popular tool for creating an infographic. It has a smooth interface and readymade templates which easily creates a big image of size 1200×800 pixels.
Try the methods above and remix your original contents.

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Along with the introduction of Graphic API version 2 .1 lately, Facebook has also announced two major changes in its platform policies, which are stated under the sections ‘Games’ & ‘Proper use’. The developers have only3 months duration (until 5th November 2014) to comply with the new policies.


Below given are two new policies that FB has stated in the site:

1.) Those games which include optional or mandatory in-app charges will now have to clearly reveal this in their‘app’s description’ either on FB itself or whichever platform it supports. This will provide the users a clear indication that your app might charge them while they play the game.

2.) The app developers will not be allowed to incentivize the people for liking a page or using social plug-ins. this practice includes offering rewards or gating apps or its content depending on whether or not the user has liked a page. However it remains valid to reward users to login to your app, enter a promotion page or check-in to a certain place. To ensure quality relations and popularize the business properly, we want that the users should like the facebook pages if they really want to connect themselves to a particular business and not just because of false incentives. We believe that this would be a fair decision for all the businesses.

The first change is quite clear; if you are a game developer and your game does not charges anything, just sit back and relax you don’t need to do anything. If your game is costing anything to the users, just make slight changes in the app’s description and you are done.

The second change is quite interesting and a bit tricky. If you have been doing what FB has banned now, you need to find some other way to increase organic traffic on your FB page.

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It’s known to all, that Google makes use of several factors and signals to determine its search results ranking. These factors depend on the linking trends of the web, the geographical location of the users, their search history and many more. The new factor which is being added to this list is perhaps, ‘what are you currently watching on TV’.

According to the latest post of Bill Slawski blog Google has recently received the patent of ‘the concept of what’s currently running on the TV’ to influence its search results. This particular patent has been named as, “System and method for enhancing user search results by determining a television program currently being displayed in proximity to an electronic device.” It was filed on 30th June 2011 and has been granted on 16th September 2014.

Below is the extract from the patent:

A computer implemented method for using search queries related to television programs. A server receives a user’s search query from an electronic device. The server then determines, in accordance with the search query and television program related information for television programs available at a location associated with the electronic device during a specific time window, a television program currently being displayed in proximity to the electronic device, wherein the television program related information includes program descriptions for a plurality of television programs being broadcast for the associated location.

From the patent it seems that Google is going to make note of what you are currently watching on the television. Then if you perform a query, it would decide that whether what you were watching should be used for influencing the search results or not. Like for example, the patent will provide the example of an individual who is watching a TV show about a particular actor or actress and then searches on Google. Now the patent knows what show the individual was watching and which actor or actress leads in the show, it will provide a more specific search results, based on it.

More abstract from the patent:

Someone watching a TV program with a segment about a particular model of Porsche might execute a search query for “Porsche” or “sports cars” instead of the designation of the particular model that was the subject of the segment….

Given that the Porsche model in question is a “911 Turbo,” and that the user executed a search query for “Porsche,” the server can return information about one or more of:

1) The “911 Turbo” model (e.g., a link to information on the website about the “911 Turbo”),
2) Information about the TV program that is currently airing with that segment, and
3) Suggestions of similar programming that is currently airing or airing in the future and that is available to the user.

In this way, implementations provide enhanced search results to viewers of live TV that are relevant to the content of TV programs that they are watching or are likely to be interested in watching.”

The diagram illustrates the entire process which Google and the patent follows:tv as ranking signal

As stated earlier by the company which has provided Google the patent,” Just because we have provided Google with the patent, doesn’t mean the company will also use the search ranking process. We are aware that Google is now using this process, to certain extent as its own part.
Continue reading

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Google conducted a ‘Mapathon’ in the year 2013 in India, which attracted several participants from all over the country. It was a huge project, offering prizes to the participants to contribute for improving Google maps by filling in the gaps present in certain parts of Indian locations. At that time the CBI of India asked Google not to collect the details of the locations military installations. The ‘Mapathon’ project emphasized on businesses and other points which were of interests to the users instead of military locations. But apparently it happened that many participants provided the information, which should have been censored anyways.

According to the Indian Government, ‘Google is polluting the Internet with classified material, it will be put under fire and have to face heavy penalties for it’.
The official Government’s Survey of India (SoI) has an authority to approve all the mapping data and public maps. The agency said that Google never consulted them before starting up the ‘Mapathon’. CBI is now investigating the entire case to know the exactly what has happened.

However the query “Military locations” on the ‘Mapathon’ shows several locations. It does not become clear that these locations are known bases or classified locations. Investigation of the case has indicated that there might be criminal penalties on Google and where will be its fallout after the investigation is concluded. Once if the military installations have been disclosed, they cannot be made secret again.  This is not the first time such case has happened when Google Maps have revealed or indirectly published the locations of Military bases of Israel, Australia and the US.

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A website is like an online face of your business. Certainly it’s the very first impression, which is placed on the visitors and prospective clients. This impression lasts for a long time whether it’s good or bad. The website owners should make sure that the first impression which is given by their website should be very good. This will help in growth of their business through their website. A good website should be able to attract new prospects, educate them through its content and finally be able to convert them into loyal customers. Also the website should be a complete assistance package for marketing and sales process. Unfortunately this is not the case with several websites; they are static, have very little or no content and do not contribute any assistance to the sales and marketing process.

website re-designing

If you think that you also own such a non-functional website then don’t worry, below you will find step-by-step ways to plan a website renovation.

1.) Create your Customers Facade

An effective starting of anything requires pre-planning and here also, the situation is similar. Before starting with an effective re-designing of your website, a thorough knowledge of the customers for whom your business is, should be garnered. This is known as ‘Buyer Persona’ and thorough knowledge of buyer persona will lead the web designers to create the entire design of the website starting from the page layout, to site maps in the most customer-friendly way.

Before you think about adding colors or formatting for the re-designing of your website, ask yourself the following questions:

  • What type of customers will be visiting your website?
  • How often they will be visiting it: on daily, weekly or monthly basis?
  • How big your business is, is it small or big?
  • How will your website be helping the customers who are coming to it?

Now before any re-designing work starts, take a pen and paper and draw a rough sketch to get an idea how would you like your new website to look like? If needed you can call up the most loyal customers of your business and take their views. Try to collect as many views as possible and these views will act as blueprint for your web site re-designing.

2.) Conversion Path development

Once you have an idea about your customer base and their requirements you can move on to the next step of conversions. As a business owner your main motive of building a website should be business enhancement. The website should constantly attract new leads and also be able to convert them into prospects and customers. The website designing should be done in such way that it is able to perform the following functions well:

Capture new prospects

An attractive website should be build in such a way that the visitors coming from various channels like search engines, blogging, email marketing etc. are converted into new leads.

Educating Visitors

Moreover a good website should be having a self-educating feature on it so that the new leads get complete information on products and services on the website itself. The website should be equipped with the following contents:

  • E-books & guides (top-of-the-funnel)
  • Recorded Webinars (middle-of-the-funnel)
  • E-brochures & Comparison Sheets (Bottom-of-the-funnel)

Strengthening relations with customer

Finally, a good website should be designed in such a way that it strengthens the relationship with the customers. It should help the customers to educate themselves just by looking at it ultimately expanding the use of your products. It should showcase the potential opportunities for cross sales and up sales.

Just analyze your existing website and check how many leads it is capturing in the present. Also check how effectively is it educating the prospects and engaging existing clients. If these activities are not at all happening on your website, just think on how will the “Conversion Path” look like? It means that just find out what all activities in the website would: generate new leads, educate the prospects and keep the customer engaged.

Once you have made up a mind for the ‘Conversion Path’, start re-designing the site with new pages, exclusive content and other major functionality to navigate easily and to the most appropriate content.

3.) Create a Design visual

The final and most essential stage of website re-designing is to create the ‘Design Visual’. As the name suggests, the ‘design visual’ should be a representative of the entire business you own. It will be virtually representing the goals of the organization, experiences of the users and rate of conversions. Few of the major Design visual items are addressed below while re-designing the website.

Choosing Typeface

Selecting the most appropriate typeface for a website is the most essential component. The typeface will greatly affect the perception of the audiences, so a lot of time should be given in selecting the most appropriate typefaces. How it affect the visitor should also be given importance.

Color Combinations

The color combination of the website design plays an important role in attracting the visitors; hence choosing the colors should be done carefully. They should be able to deliver the message of your website correctly and should not distract the users.


Proper selection of images can enhance the aesthetics of your website or if the selection of the images is not proper it will cheapen the look of the website. Be very choosy in the case of images to deliver the correct message to your audiences.

Make use of the generic images from some good sites like:, etc. and provide professionalism to your website.


Using white space correctly in your website will help to create visual hierarchy on the page and provide emphasis to other designs in the page like images, headlines etc.

Icon Use

The web designers should be imaginative about the way they use the icon inside their designs. The icons should visually convey the message if the visitors are surfing the website in a hurry.

By now it is understood that how proper planning can help you in re-designing your website to extract maximum benefits from it. Start deep analysis now and plan a website re-designing.

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Remember those days of dial-up Internet connections? No matter Internet brought a revolution and amazing experience to the people, using it at that time was like a nightmare. Few years back, the speed of the Internet was extremely slow and the download used to take several hours. However as the discovery of Ethernet cable took place, there happened advancement in the Internet speed, as well as the methods of using it. Thankfully now the speed of the Internet has increased to manifolds and we are able to download files in seconds instead of minutes and hours.

responsive design

The importance of speed of the website

Most of the people are nowadays using their smartphones and tablets to search online. Just imagine that you are waiting for a site to load and it’s taking too long; what would you do? Certainly you would press the ‘Back’ button or switch over to some other site or simply close it.

There are some useful numeric facts that further illustrate how much effect the loading time has on the usage of that site.

  • 73% of mobile users, browsing Internet said they came across an extremely slow website.
  • 51% of mobile users, browsing Internet said they came across a website which crashed, was frozen or ended up with 404 error.
  • 38% of mobile users, browsing Internet said that a website was unavailable.
  • 47% of users wish that the web page should load within two seconds.
  • 40% of the users immediately discard the websites, which took3 seconds or more to load.

These stats were based on the usage experience of the users;the delay in page loading also has adverse affect on sales. It will be surprising to know that each second of delay in page loading has 7% diminution in conversions. Like for instance if an online shopping site is making $100,000 each day, the page delay of one second can cause a loss of $2.5 million each year. If an e-commerce site is making $100,000 per day, a one second page delay could potentially cost $2.5 million in lost sales every year. Moreover delay in loading of the page also has an adverse affect in the Google page Ranking and this has been announced long back in 2010 by Google. For the marketers it is important to know that the site speed will also affect the Adwords Quality scores. Google, the Big boss believes that the loading time of the home page of any website is like the first experience of the users so its performance should be good. Better the performance of the landing, better will be the scores and ultimately a lower CPC (cost per click).

How important is a responsive design?

Before we talk further on this topic it is important to know what a responsive design is? If you walk up on a street you will find several users using their smartphones and carrying on their tasks which means it has become extremely important for the website developers to build a website that is mobile friendly. The websites can have two types of designs, mobile and responsive. By responsive design we mean that only a single website is made and it is designed in such way that it fits any screen size, whether its a mobile, a tablet or a desktop. A mobile design is different. In this case two websites are being made, one for mobile users and another for desktop users. However if your budget allows you to make a good investment, it would be better to go for a responsive design. However it is not much important that which type of design you adopt for your website, it is more important that how mobile friendly a website is. It’s a known fact that the use of smartphones is taking a bigger shape each day; the stats below will clearly illustrate this fact.

  • The number of Google searches performed through mobile has exceeded 20% of the total searches.
  • Almost 50% of the local searches were performed via smart phones in 2012.
  • 25% Internet users in the US use their mobile for accessing the Internet.
  • 61% of the users made better opinions for brands when they get a good experience from mobiles.
  • More than 25% of emails are surfed through the mobiles only.

Most prominently, a website that is mobile compatible will certainly provide a better experience to the mobile users. If there is any type of deformity, the users will simply switch over to another. When both types of designs are compared it is found that Google has stated that it would prefer a responsive design to a mobile template because it is easier to crawl than a single website. Responsive design has become industry’s practice and practically it is also easier to manage a single website instead of two.

So what’s more important…Responsive design or site speed?

It’s not at all surprising to know that both site’s speed and responsive design have quite a lot of things in common. Because Google is ruling over 67.6% market share of all search engines, it needs to be pleased by the website owners. It has given a serious consideration to both the loading time and mobile performance of the website. If any one of the two is not proper, the Google ranking of the website can drop.

Don’t be doubtful about it. It is expected that by the end of the year 2018 there will be 10 billion mobile devices using the Internet. It means mobile is the future. At present the responsive design is fulfilling the requirement but it may not be able to do so that time. It’s a great idea if there is lack of time to manage multiple sites and from SEO viewpoint it’s also good. If you have not used a responsive design for your website, there is nothing to worry about or bother if your site does loads properly on a mobile. Its better to be on the safer side rather than feeling sorry over the responsive design of your website. On the other hand, responsive design can be useless if you have established certain goals that can be achieved only through a smartphones and mobiles. Some businesses ought to have a mobile website separately to capitalize on their loyal customers.

It can be said that even if the responsive design gets extinct from the online scene, the speed will always be important no matter what. The sites that are using the responsive designs and overlooking the speed of it should get concerned of it. The website is burdened with numerous CSS files certainly it will take time to load. The concluding part here is that it does not matters whether the site is surfed through a desktop, mobile or tablet, speed is the deciding feature whether the users will stick to it or not. The site’s speed will certainly increase the sales and will ensure that the users come back to it again. Lower loading time also has a positive affect on Google ranking. No matter if your site is having an excellent responsive design but is loading too slow, it is likely to loose visitors and also Google ranking.

To check the loading time of website, you can use some handy tools available online.

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Almost all the business owners, irrespective of size and nature of their businesses are building up a website. They think that building up a website will take their business to advanced level, which is indeed true, but will be possible only if proper search engine optimization (SEO) of their website is done. It’s a simple technique, which is available at a very nominal cost to popularize the websites of brand owners and building a prospective customer base for their business all across the globe. However there are other traditional methods of advertising of a business but search engine optimization is relatively easier to implement and be done by any SEO company. It simply gives high return on smaller investment. If we look back and pick up some popular examples we’ll find that these brands made it big using the SEO technique only.


Search Engine Optimization explained in simple language

While the term Search engine optimization has become quite popular amongst those dealing with websites and Internet, there are still several business owners who are still unaware of this term. In simple terms SEO technique is a way to ensure that your website or your brand names is figured in the top position when the potential users search them on the search engines like Yahoo, Google etc. There’s nothing here to wonder about because proper SEO techniques and experts from web development companies will find out the most relevant keyword (search query) for your business and popularize it using them.

This way whenever anyone will put up the keywords in the search engines, the website will appear amongst the top results. Before starting with SEO of any business, the business owners should be clear with their goals and also with the basics of this process. They should very well understand the need of effective SEO to popularize their business in the virtual world. Mostly a proper optimization is all about the content of the website and the experts focus on content by spreading it all over the Internet by choosing the most relevant keywords.

How do SEO benefits?

There are numerous advantages of getting this technique done for the business websites and the most important one is that it is extremely cost effective. However the business owners can benefit in many other ways through it.

Once they start investing in optimization of their websites they will find that there is a considerable increase in the number of visitors of the websites. It can be expected that if the number of visitors are increased the business is reached out to more number of people and they are likely to be converted to loyal customers and reaping profits for the business owners. If proper SEO of the website takes place there are chances of increase in the Brand credibility. SEO makes the website popular amongst the people globally and having a functional and popular website creates a trust in the hearts of the people towards the business. The business owners can easily measure that how much benefit are they reaping in their business through their website over the traditional methods of publicity. The results can be easy measured.

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