How to plan a website re-designing?

A website is like an online face of your business. Certainly it’s the very first impression, which is placed on the visitors and prospective clients. This impression lasts for a long time whether it’s good or bad. The website owners should make sure that the first impression which is given by their website should be very good. This will help in growth of their business through their website. A good website should be able to attract new prospects, educate them through its content and finally be able to convert them into loyal customers. Also the website should be a complete assistance package for marketing and sales process. Unfortunately this is not the case with several websites; they are static, have very little or no content and do not contribute any assistance to the sales and marketing process.

website re-designing

If you think that you also own such a non-functional website then don’t worry, below you will find step-by-step ways to plan a website renovation.

1.) Create your Customers Facade

An effective starting of anything requires pre-planning and here also, the situation is similar. Before starting with an effective re-designing of your website, a thorough knowledge of the customers for whom your business is, should be garnered. This is known as ‘Buyer Persona’ and thorough knowledge of buyer persona will lead the web designers to create the entire design of the website starting from the page layout, to site maps in the most customer-friendly way.

Before you think about adding colors or formatting for the re-designing of your website, ask yourself the following questions:

  • What type of customers will be visiting your website?
  • How often they will be visiting it: on daily, weekly or monthly basis?
  • How big your business is, is it small or big?
  • How will your website be helping the customers who are coming to it?

Now before any re-designing work starts, take a pen and paper and draw a rough sketch to get an idea how would you like your new website to look like? If needed you can call up the most loyal customers of your business and take their views. Try to collect as many views as possible and these views will act as blueprint for your web site re-designing.

2.) Conversion Path development

Once you have an idea about your customer base and their requirements you can move on to the next step of conversions. As a business owner your main motive of building a website should be business enhancement. The website should constantly attract new leads and also be able to convert them into prospects and customers. The website designing should be done in such way that it is able to perform the following functions well:

Capture new prospects

An attractive website should be build in such a way that the visitors coming from various channels like search engines, blogging, email marketing etc. are converted into new leads.

Educating Visitors

Moreover a good website should be having a self-educating feature on it so that the new leads get complete information on products and services on the website itself. The website should be equipped with the following contents:

  • E-books & guides (top-of-the-funnel)
  • Recorded Webinars (middle-of-the-funnel)
  • E-brochures & Comparison Sheets (Bottom-of-the-funnel)

Strengthening relations with customer

Finally, a good website should be designed in such a way that it strengthens the relationship with the customers. It should help the customers to educate themselves just by looking at it ultimately expanding the use of your products. It should showcase the potential opportunities for cross sales and up sales.

Just analyze your existing website and check how many leads it is capturing in the present. Also check how effectively is it educating the prospects and engaging existing clients. If these activities are not at all happening on your website, just think on how will the “Conversion Path” look like? It means that just find out what all activities in the website would: generate new leads, educate the prospects and keep the customer engaged.

Once you have made up a mind for the ‘Conversion Path’, start re-designing the site with new pages, exclusive content and other major functionality to navigate easily and to the most appropriate content.

3.) Create a Design visual

The final and most essential stage of website re-designing is to create the ‘Design Visual’. As the name suggests, the ‘design visual’ should be a representative of the entire business you own. It will be virtually representing the goals of the organization, experiences of the users and rate of conversions. Few of the major Design visual items are addressed below while re-designing the website.

Choosing Typeface

Selecting the most appropriate typeface for a website is the most essential component. The typeface will greatly affect the perception of the audiences, so a lot of time should be given in selecting the most appropriate typefaces. How it affect the visitor should also be given importance.

Color Combinations

The color combination of the website design plays an important role in attracting the visitors; hence choosing the colors should be done carefully. They should be able to deliver the message of your website correctly and should not distract the users.


Proper selection of images can enhance the aesthetics of your website or if the selection of the images is not proper it will cheapen the look of the website. Be very choosy in the case of images to deliver the correct message to your audiences.

Make use of the generic images from some good sites like:, etc. and provide professionalism to your website.


Using white space correctly in your website will help to create visual hierarchy on the page and provide emphasis to other designs in the page like images, headlines etc.

Icon Use

The web designers should be imaginative about the way they use the icon inside their designs. The icons should visually convey the message if the visitors are surfing the website in a hurry.

By now it is understood that how proper planning can help you in re-designing your website to extract maximum benefits from it. Start deep analysis now and plan a website re-designing.

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