Best eCommerce Platform for Online Store

Best eCommerce Platform for Online Store

These days, there are various platforms available to start an online store that consists of various features. Basically, there are 2 main categories of the e-commerce platforms that are hosted and self-hosted. Hosted means the company will host your online store and the self-hosted means the available ecommerce software but you will have to use your own Website hosting. It is important to choose right platform for your online store according business need. There are some great eCommerce Platforms for online store that will be best fit for your online store.


Shopify is the most excellent ecommerce platform and quickly preferred platform as well. The admin panel user interface of this platform is simply great because it has its limits. There are no lots of complicated things. The biggest downside is the limited facility to modify the checkout page. Therefore in general, Shopify is not for you if you are seeking checkout page design to be accurately how you want. In actual fact, none of the hosted solutions recommend customizable checkout procedure hence you can go in the self-hosted section if you want customizable checkout page. Shopify provides amazing add-on applications those simply beat others in the competition with the great add-on apps. Shopify is just similar to Smartphone because it has lots of apps which you can install and download on your online store with the latest functionality.


Volusion is also eCommerce Platform just similar to Shopify; except that it is less customizable. Volusion is quite locked down; therefore you can’t do much in it. First of all, the entire website is made by just utilize one template. It is first down side, another is, you can’t get back general information about the store, categories, products or the cart contents which are required for several remarketing tracking purposes. Their support is also reactive; they are not so helpful many times as customers want.


BigCommerce is eCommerce Platform similar to Shopify and Volusion. You can modify it slightly. It still needs the whole control of the Shopify. It looks like you can apply Google Trusted Stores and Product supply by way of their included functionalities, but trying to apply a different type of system would most probable be out of the inquiry. There is one area where BigCommerce is superior to Volusion that is the admin panel user interface. It seems a lot cleaner and is much simple to navigate.

These are 3 best platforms for online store where you can start online store with more features. Even complete control is only available in self-hosted ecommerce platforms so choose intelligently that can fulfill your business requirements.

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