10 ways for advancement of Content marketing

For all those digital marketers out there: Don’t you all like variety in your cuisines? What about your content, is there variety in it too? While variety in your cuisines can spice up your life, variety in the contents can make the life of digital marketers easier. After all ‘Variety is the spice of life’. When a digital marketer has created a perfect snippet of his content, he can go few more steps further by recreating and repurposing the contents in several ways. It appears simple but is it really that easy? Let’s find out.

Content marketing

I selected my favorite content from a blog and scribbled together few variations of the original story.  To know what exactly I did, and what you can do keep reading. Posting your single content to one place and hitting ‘Publish’ does not mean your content is obsolete. Below are some fantastic ways with which you can re-use the same content in 10 different ways.

1.) Share on social media several times

Is it allowed to share same post on various social networks multiple times? The researchers say, ‘Yes’!  This was said back in November 2013 in a post and support from many visitors came to it.  Like for a true example, a post was originally published on 17th March and it was re-published on Twitter on 20th May. The re-published tweet had twice the re-tweets of the original and it crossed all the previous tweets on the post.

Reposting is a simple process and can be performed easily. There are few ways to do it. Just follow a simple sharing workflow on any social media, which you use the most. Below are some tips:

•    Share directly from your Facebook and Twitter
•    Share via Blog and post through a sharing browser extension.
•    Share via clicking and dragging contents from your Buffer dashboard to the social media profile queues.

2.) Break the content in snippets for easy sharing

The variation done with contents for reposting on social media networks is to share the original link or content with a new punch line or a snippet each time. Headlines are often tested this way by running few variations of the content on the same day it gets published. As the time passes, you can alter the original content in different forms by pulling out snippets within the content. Frame the snippets in terms of quotes and stats. You can also create a timetable for sharing on your social profiles. To understand this in a better way you can have a look at this image.

social sharing timeline

Now, bringing up 12-15 snippets from each article is quite a tedious task (one would prefer writing a 400 words blog post rather than this.) But it can be simpler if you break down the things. Start making the snippets as subheads. “How often to post to social media article?” is a brilliant example to illustrate how we can create snippets out of a particular post.
Few of its subheadings have been dug out which are as follows as first step:

•    “How to strike the balance between informative and annoying”
•    “The optimal frequency for posting to social media”
•    “How often you should post to Facebook”
•    “How often you should post to Twitter”
•    “How often you should post to Google+ and LinkedIn”

Secondly, if we look at the stats from the original posts the following snippets can be framed:

•    Why there should be only 14 tweets per day?
•    Why the best tweeting time is 3: 00 am CT?
•    Top Brands contribute only a single post each day on Facebook.
•    1 Post per day: Best practice for LinkedIn.
•    How many minutes a tweet take to be over the hill?
Lastly search quotes from the original content and frame snippets:
•    The 3-steps guide to social media posting
•    Multiple publishing of fresh content to various social media
•    When the tweets are repeated, they are more likely to attract visitors.

3.) Create an Instagram Tip

Another interesting way of posting content snippets to a social media is to create few Instagram tips.  For posting on Instagram as tips, you would certainly need a very good image as a Backdrop. Here, you will find a resource of big free image sources  to select the most appropriate backdrop image. If you wish to create your own image on desktop for posting on Instagram number of third party apps are available which would transfer the image from your desktop to your iPhone’s camera roll. Alternately there are also many iPhone apps that let you directly create iPhone apps and post it to Instagram.

4.) Submission in Content communities

Information channels that are user-curated are a proven way to create additional traffic. Digg and Reddit have been extremely popular on their peak time. The users use to share links, the communities used to vote for their favorites and this would make the best content to float at the top. Now the content communities that are popular are: Hacker News, Growth Hackers, Inbound.org etc.  If you wish to repost an article to a content community, Inbound.org is a good choice. Just click on the “submit” button home page and the content link as instructed.

Most content communities have guidelines for posting. Remember they are not for spamming, hence be very careful while posting a content, it should be genuine and not a spam. It should keep the users engaged.

5.) Spinning off old blog post

Great contents produce Great contents

Look out for the posts, which have got an excellent record earlier. If the contents of the post haven’t expired they can spark up new ideas for another post. If it has been successful earlier, just copy it. The first step for spinning off the content is to create some innovative variations out of it and then cling on to the original post.
A new idea can rise up with each part of the content and once you have your ideas, an article can be easily crafted out of it. A good writer can do it in as less as four hours for us it might take a day or two.

6.) Building a Sequence of Guest Posts

You must be thinking that guest post is posting articles on different topics each time, however the codeless interactive has suggested to try the mix and match method. Consider each blog post as a two-piece info- first part as story intro and second part as body.  You know the moral behind each part and you also know that this blog post is successful, create two new guest posts by altering the story. This works awfully well.

7.) Update the Content and re-publish it

Do you think the content which is fresh today will remain fresh and updated six months later? Certainly a big ‘No’! It is likely that the same topic will have some additional researches added onto it or a new social network might be evolved. We cannot let go off our old content which was a huge hit in it time. Yes but we can update with the latest information and re-publish it again.

8.) Post on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is also a superior platform for content creation and reposting. The LinkedIn publishing platform is presently being rolled out to all the users; several users are already using this feature and may be you too are one of them. To check whether you are eligible for this feature or not, just log into the home page and look for ‘Share an update’. If you are having the publishing powers, you will see a pencil beside the gray paperclip at the right side of the update box. Hovering the cursor here will provide you an option to ‘create a post’. Then you can simply copy and paste whatever you want from your original article in the LinkedIn Editor.

9.) Posting on Medium

Reposting on Medium (medium.com) works quite in resemblance with LinkedIn, you can take some snippets out of your original content or the entire content and post on Medium. To post on Medium, click on the Medium icon placed at the left top corner to drop down the vertical menu. Click on the ‘New Story’ from the expanded menu. Here you can add the main title, a subheading and the entire body of your story. You can also add one main image which will appear as the background at the top of your article when it gets published. Once posted, your article gets immediately live on the site. Publishing on Medium is as easy as ABC… plus you get something extra as bonus for publishing on Medium:

Link Suggestion- At the end of each post you make, you get the option of suggesting a link for further reading. You can use it for placing the link of your original article or blog post.

Collection- You can pile up all or some of your posts into themed collections which will highlight some current hot topics like social media tips, content creation tips etc. whatever you might find popular on the site.

10.) InfoGraphic creation

What does it takes to get maximum shares? Certainly the content, that is visible clearly. All of us have been very enthusiastic to add a visual element in our blogs which is attractive, this means that getting out of the designing tools and creating infographics. Canva is a popular tool for creating an infographic. It has a smooth interface and readymade templates which easily creates a big image of size 1200×800 pixels.
Try the methods above and remix your original contents.

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