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Latest Technology

The web is a quickly growing world and many people are up to date with it on the other hand some are not updated and close to latest tools, developments and workflows. There are some simple steps to be updated with latest technology:

Follow cool people

There are number of experts and leaders who can help you to stay with relevant trends and news. They are informed and they work on an exact topic. Twitter can be the best place to find people who are well-informed and deal with same niche.

Find the Excellent Sources

There are numerous information about latest trends and news but sometimes it is very hard to get and read every of them. Therefore, you should pick mutually the top sources about trends and news.

Attend Seminars

Most of the developers attend conferences to advertise the most up-to-date technologies, share thoughts, opinion or experiences and find out from others. They discuss the top practices, standards and developments. You should share the aim of meeting with amazing people and associations which do what you do.

Find Your Own Resources

It is really essential that you discover your own, exclusive and advance technique to be updated. You can follow other developers as well regarding this.

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Net neutrality

Net neutrality is also known as the network neutrality, net equality and Internet neutrality. Net Neutrality is an Internet which enables and protects free communication. It means the Internet service providers should provide internet services through open networks and should not block or distinguish in opposition to any applications or content which ride more than those networks. Without Net Neutrality, phone and cable companies could carve the Internet into quick and measured lanes.

Importance of Net Neutrality for Business

Net Neutrality is important for all small business owners, entrepreneurs and startups, which rely in the open Internet to begin their production, make a market, promote their services and products and give out products to consumers. They need the open Internet to advance job development competition and improvement. Net Neutrality is lesser the barrier of entrance for entrepreneurs, small businesses and startups to make sure the web is a fair and stage playing field. It is because of Net Neutrality that businesses and entrepreneurs have been competent to succeed over the Internet. They make use of the Internet to reach new consumers and platform their goods, services and applications. There should not any company be able to interfere in this open market.

The open Internet provides marginalized voices option to be heard. But without Net Neutrality, ISPs could block not liked speech and stop dissident voices from talking freely online. With no Net Neutrality, people of different colours would be unable to find a crucial platform. And with no Net Neutrality, lots of small businesses owned via people of different colours would not be able to compete with opposition to become bigger corporations online that would further get deeper the profitable variation in our nation.

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Content Delivery Network

The content delivery network (CDN) is a huge distributed system of the servers that deployed in numerous data centers over the Internet. The aim of a content delivery network is to provide content to end-users through the higher accessibility and higher performance. These days, Content distribution network provides a great fraction of Internet content with the web objects such as text, scripts and graphics along with downloadable objects such as media files, documents, software and applications, portals, e-commerce, on-demand streaming media, live streaming media and social networks. So, there are various advantages of Content Delivery Network that are given below:

High-speed Website

The most observable benefit of CDN is very fast loading of the website. This is moderately because Content Delivery Network companies have made up enormous networks of the servers, but it is only one reason. The CDN network also assists because they have servers across the world. This permits your users to access your website from the nearest server from their location.

Caching of Resource

This is also the most important benefit of Content Delivery Network. Caching is the huge part of server resource conservation and bandwidth but lots of website owner does not actually know how to apply it properly. Caching includes lots of different features that you actually require. The best thing is that CDN supplier knows caching in well manner as it is one of their main functions.

Manages rapid traffic increase

Your business or website can get famous during the night, or you can run a press release which rushes large amounts of traffic to website, or you can basically have a lot of chance, but Content Delivery Network services can assist your website if you get huge traffic suddenly. The fact is that they run huge networks of servers; their sources are constantly scalable and accessible. That means if you do not use of it, but it is accessible for you when you required it. The most horrible case situation for a business website is to find huge amounts of traffic and not be capable to deal with it.

Protection against DDoS

If you have popular website that got attacked by DDoS it is also well-known as Distributed Denial Of Service technique, then only you can know the pain of it. There are not various choices you have in such situation and it will make your website not viable for hours. Many of the CDNs have complicated technology to deal with DDoS attacks and each once in a while will need users to pass CAPTCHA confirmation before visiting your website.
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website design

Web design is an art that offers stunning look to websites. It includes planning for website’s look and creation of websites. Web design includes many different types of skills and regulations regarding maintenance and designing of websites. There are different types of web design areas like web graphic design, interface design with standardized rules and proprietary software, user skill design etc. There are number of useful trends for the web design in 2015. Some of them are:

1. Typography

Typography is the fine art and method of arranging style to build written language clear and beautiful. The arrangement of style involve choosing typefaces, line length, point size, line-spacing, letter-spacing and adjust space within letters pairs. You must use typography for attracting the attention of page visitors without using of videos or photos. The short statements in big letter can assist easily and fast communicate the reason of a website and support users to search the content a bit more.

2. Sidebar

Sidebar is the most considerable point in mobile web. It puts pressure to re-think about navigational menus of the website. It should be maintain to get better in 2015. Provide up the sidebar supporting a slide-out or a little button which opens the list of options; it helps your website be more reactive, and delivers an easy and clear design overall. The slide-out menus can come into view from several sides of your website and can have vertical or horizontal direction.

3. Body Text or Storytelling

Content is very important part for every website because it tells whole story about your website. It is important to use good images, computer graphics and other web development elements that allow you to make a website that is above just an information leave. Therefore, you can capture your user’s attention and lead them during an interactive knowledge.

4. Scrolling and clicking

Scrolling is very intuitive and cuts down the load times, which makes smoother transitions among the blocks of content/details and remains visitors at your site longer. Therefore, lots of websites support visitors to shift from mouse to wheel.

5. Card Based design

You can blame popularity of the Pinterest for over the increase of weird DIYs or marriage photographers. It is main proponents of the card-based design. It is a simple technique to maintain things modular and permits content to work across every platform and still quick the users to go down and observe more of website.

6. Video and Big Background Images

Background images and videos are the great way to attract more visitors. Designers use attractive full-screen images to connect with users. If you want to get it to the next stage, a video placing is an excellent method to stop users, watch and spend extra time on your website.

7. Ghost or Specter buttons

The transparent “Specter button” is a style which shows no symbol of stopping. Ghost buttons usually have a fundamental shape type, slim border, and inner text in a plain, glow, sans-serif print. These buttons are frequently bigger than the established clickable buttons in the websites and are located in well-known locations.

8. Object Design

Objects Design has featured a generally flat website design that use fine animation, layering and grade to make a pen-and-ink objective world. While it is just a small level up from the ever well-liked flat design, it is a way that will positively instigate designers this year.

9. Micro Interactions

Micro Interactions include skills or moments in a product or possibly a section in a website. These are a little bit of functionality which gives the right opportunity to surprise and enjoyment the user. They support the appointment of your visitors and build your website very friendly.

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Best eCommerce Platform for Online Store

These days, there are various platforms available to start an online store that consists of various features. Basically, there are 2 main categories of the e-commerce platforms that are hosted and self-hosted. Hosted means the company will host your online store and the self-hosted means the available ecommerce software but you will have to use your own Website hosting. It is important to choose right platform for your online store according business need. There are some great eCommerce Platforms for online store that will be best fit for your online store.


Shopify is the most excellent ecommerce platform and quickly preferred platform as well. The admin panel user interface of this platform is simply great because it has its limits. There are no lots of complicated things. The biggest downside is the limited facility to modify the checkout page. Therefore in general, Shopify is not for you if you are seeking checkout page design to be accurately how you want. In actual fact, none of the hosted solutions recommend customizable checkout procedure hence you can go in the self-hosted section if you want customizable checkout page. Shopify provides amazing add-on applications those simply beat others in the competition with the great add-on apps. Shopify is just similar to Smartphone because it has lots of apps which you can install and download on your online store with the latest functionality.


Volusion is also eCommerce Platform just similar to Shopify; except that it is less customizable. Volusion is quite locked down; therefore you can’t do much in it. First of all, the entire website is made by just utilize one template. It is first down side, another is, you can’t get back general information about the store, categories, products or the cart contents which are required for several remarketing tracking purposes. Their support is also reactive; they are not so helpful many times as customers want.


BigCommerce is eCommerce Platform similar to Shopify and Volusion. You can modify it slightly. It still needs the whole control of the Shopify. It looks like you can apply Google Trusted Stores and Product supply by way of their included functionalities, but trying to apply a different type of system would most probable be out of the inquiry. There is one area where BigCommerce is superior to Volusion that is the admin panel user interface. It seems a lot cleaner and is much simple to navigate.

These are 3 best platforms for online store where you can start online store with more features. Even complete control is only available in self-hosted ecommerce platforms so choose intelligently that can fulfill your business requirements.

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Top 5 SEO and Web Designing Companies in India

There are many SEO and web design companies in India which offer different types of web designing services. Even only top 10 companies got rank 1 to 10 by Top 5 companies which captured our attention are:

1. SEO.IN is an agency of online marketing in Bangalore, India with the aim to make wide-ranging services which give results for its clients and associate agencies. They offer different types of services such as Search Engine Optimization, PPC, Link Building, Social media, Reputation Management, Web design, Mobile development and some others. The company offers their services in the United States, Australia, Canada, United Kingdom and India.

2. SEOValley Solutions Private Limited

SEOValley is the most trustworthy and highest increasing digital marketing companies, which is serving small size companies to the medium size companies international since 2001. They have development centers in the Bhopal and Bangalore in India and Marketing offices in United State, United Kingdom, New Zealand, Spain and Australia. They have strong team of professionals for the SEO Experts, Content Specialists, SEO Developers, Link Builders, Conversion Specialists, Quality Experts, and PPC Experts.

3. Access Technology

Access Technology is the leading offshore Web Development Company and website Design Company in New Delhi, Noida and Gurgaon. They offer custom web design results for industries in India, and in the region of the world. The company offers E-commerce Solutions, SEO Optimized Web Page Design, expert Web design and Custom Web Applications. They have over 12 years knowledge developing and integrating most successful web products according to customers’ needs.

4. Atechnocrat Solution

Atechnocrat Solution is one of the leading Services of Website design, SEO, and development Company, which is based on the Delhi, India from over 8 Years. There are various different services provided by the company which is very trustworthy in the field of Web Development India. They make expert websites make use of huge website design and website development knowledge to build them works the method you desire.

5. Midas Web Technologies

Midas IT Services Pvt. Ltd. is the Website Development Company in Mahipalpur, New Delhi. The company uses the different technologies such as MySQL, PHP, .NET, Bespoke, Drupal, Website Redesign, Magento, Flex, Wordpres, Databases, PHP Zend, Mobile Platforms, Ajax, Flash, Multimedia Animation, ASP.Net, Custom Logo Creation and Content Management System to its offshore clients with the affordable rates.

These are web development companies and SEO firms that provide wide range of web design and SEO services, 7eye Technologies is on the path to get listed in this list by offering same services at the reasonable cost.

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Programming Language

Nowadays, languages are playing a very important role in web development because there are numerous effective, easy to use and powerful languages available for development. There are different types of top programming languages for designing and development. The following are some of them:


HTML stands for Hypertext Markup Language that is a programming language and use by developers of all over the world for creating the web pages. HTML is a well known liked and easy to understand programming language. Everyone is familiar with it in Web Development Company and web development world.


CSS stands for cascading style sheet and HTML is not sufficient without CSS because HTML without CSS is like a tea with no sugar. The good CSS code is very important for the good design. CSS plays a very important role in improving the front end design and you can’t think about an excellent website without the best hand in CSS.

JavaScript or jQuery

You have to find out some scripting languages after getting knowledge of the HTML and the CSS, most general scripting language use in the web world is JavaScript. JavaScript use to make html static webpage more attractive and interesting. JQuery is a framework and in other words to say, a document written above the JavaScript, which builds it more simple to the code JavaScript. Companies in the Web Development India market are utilizing this language very efficiently.


PHP stands for Hypertext Preprocessor that is a backend language which runs in a server with the enormous flexibility and great tech. PHP is the most generally used languages for the web development and is an HTML embedded scripting language use to make dynamic web pages rapidly. It is completely open source and free of cost.


C# is a product of Microsoft and this is not open source. This comes through an IDE that is called Visual studio. Doing C# in visual studio saves most of time, for the reason visual studio is the most excellent editor ever known.


JAVA is developed by Sun Microsystems on1990s that is a class-based and object-oriented programming language. Java is intended to work on the several software platforms and one of the most preferable programming languages in Web Development, a normal for enterprise software, web-based substance, mobile apps and games, with Android operating system.


SQL stand for Structured Query Language that is a unique-purpose language for running data in relational database organization arrangements. This is mostly used in “Query” function that looks for informational databases. There are various web development companies which mostly use SQL platform.


Python is a top level and open source server scripting language that can be used for web development and mobile app development. Python can simply run in the LINUX/Windows based servers. It is very scalable and an excellent option for fast application development.


Ruby is an object oriented scripting and dynamic language, similar to python it is open source as well and extremely scalable. In Ruby you can build up websites in addition to application that is mobile based. Ruby is recognized for its easy and simple writable techniques.


Perl is scripting language for programming that has very similar syntax similar to C language. Perl has misplaced its reputation in the web development for the reason that languages with more superior features are now established in web development.

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social media

There are many social media sites which are the best place for all the people because these sites make great entertainments and funs with other people. Social media websites have become the most modern trend in the Internet. There are 5 popular social websites based on the following condition: Communication, Brand exposure and Traffic to sites. You should check which social media site top suits you and which one could get your message in the best way.


1.    Facebook

Facebook is the most popular and best growing online social platform that allows customization of customer interface, which also contains set up of application to personalize more knowledge. People link to their friends very rapidly because they get notifications when someone in their network has updated to their present profile or status. Most of the people use facebook as marketing platform to raise awareness about their brand and find new customers as well.


2.    Twitter

Twitter is another well known and liked social media site. It is a micro blogging system that permits users to send message of the 140 or less character. Twitter is the most outstanding marketing, advertising and promotional platform. There is Web Development Company, small business and other businesses using twitter as marketing, advertising and promotion tool to increase business and profit.


3.    LinkedIn

Everyone knows the LinkedIn because it is a very popular social media site. It is most popular among professionals and business entrepreneurs. LinkedIn is completely different from facebook and twitter social networking sites. There are many Web Development companies in various countries and web Development experts are using LinkedIn for business purpose. You can promote your company’s services and business very easily in LinkedIn.


4.     Pinterest

Pinterest is the most popular social media site for image sharing. It is place to find out thoughts for your projects and interests related with images or infographic. It offers an image collection, visual discovery, sharing and photo storage. Users can make and share the whole collection of images in visual boards. Boards are built all the ways through a user choose a page, item, website and pinning it to a presented or newly made board. Users save pins and share pins from numerous resources such as related characteristics, birthday or anniversary parties, planning a holiday, letters a book and inner decorate.

Google plus

5.    Google+

Google plus is the social media site introduce by Google. It is well known place to connect with friends, relatives and search many people of your interests. You can send messages, share photos and keep in touch with the people. Google plus is different from facebook because facebook provides more features as compare to Google+. It is the reason Google plus is not more popular as compare to facebook and legging behind some other popular sites. Even it offers many unique features that a user wants in social sites.

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learn programming

There are numerous websites which offer number of programming languages courses in free of cost. These websites provide new in-depth considerate of the programming languages and do not charge anything as well. These also provide programming books that are very useful and supportive for learners. The following are some websites where you can learn different programming languages without any cost:


Codecademy is a very popular education and learning company that are dedicated to making the best education knowledge inside and outside for the programming languages. These programming languages are very useful and valuable for any web development company. There are many fundamentals available for different types of programming languages. This education company provides education for HTML & CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, Python, Ruby and PHP programming languages.

Khan Academy

Khan Academy is well known and popular website in the web development world and among developers, which provides practice training, teaching videos and a personalized education control panel that authorize beginner to learn at their speed inside and outside of the teaching room. They undertake mathematics, computer programming, science, history, economics, art history and many more. In the computer programming, beginners learn how to program pictures, computer graphics, and games with the help of JavaScript and the Processing JS, or study about how to make WebPages by using HTML and CSS. You can share anything what you make, discover what others have made and discover from each other.

Code Avengers

Code Avengers is also a very well-liked website in the world and as well as it is more popular in India. Here you can learn to code with fun and trouble-free. The Code Avengers experts offer lessons which are planned to be flexible accordingly you can begin and pause on anytime. You can begin little, for now 30 minutes a day – or go away for it and total whole lessons in a weekend.


Tuts+ provides written tutorials and video courses to assist you, discover innovative skills in code, design and photograph, taking pictures, video, music, website design, game improvement, craft and many more. The courses of Tuts+ help you to find out a particular ability from begin to end. With professional trainer and a useful style, its 470+ courses normally consist of 2—3 hours of video, planned into section and bite-size instruction. You can purchase some individual courses or subscribe to the complete records. You can take benefit of huge value course package as well. There are several popular courses consist of such as 30 Days to earliest Website Design, simpler JavaScript Applications by AngularJS, reactive Web Design for learners, Object-Oriented Design on PHP, Lightroom used for Photographer, and Digital Drawing basics.


CodingBat is a free website of exist coding troubles to make coding proficiency in Java and currently in Python, which is built via Nick Parlante who is the computer science professor on Stanford. The problem of coding provides instant view, thus it is a chance to perform and go hard thoughtful of the idea. The troubles, every listed off the CodingBat house, have small overhead: short difficulty testimonial (like an examination) and instant opinion on the browser.

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Social media

Need help in knowing social media better and how it can benefit your business? Anybody who is somewhat tech-savvy can say that he knows what social media is, but the fact is that, social media is not just limited to the use of Facebook or Twitter; it’s a much broader concept and is of great importance in business and publicity terms. We also can take advantage of social media websites in popularizing our business, but before we start we need to understand what it actually is. Of course it’s not a rocket science; keep reading further to understand social media better.

What is Social Media?   

To know what social media is, we can simply break the phrase in individual terms separately; Media means a platform which provides information, like television, a radio or newspaper and social means something related to public.Therefore social media is a two way interactive platform which exchanges information. Technically social media can be defined as a‘highly interactive platform which is computer operated and allows the users to exchange content, pictures, ideas, videos etc. in virtual communities and networks’. Social media differs from the traditional media in a number of ways, especially in terms of accessibility; because it is operated online, anybody who uses internet can be a part of the social media. Traditional media like television, newspaper etc. can only provide information and there is no possibility of views and reviews of the audience, on the other hand in social media one can post his views and reviews reacting to the contents exchanged very easily.

People have now started spending more time in using the social media websites as compared to other websites. These sites have become a strong communication channel between individuals, communities and even big organizations. Out of various forms of social media websites social networks are mostly used by the people all over the world. Currently the mostly used social media website and largest social network is Facebook followed by Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest. Other popular websites include Youtube,, Infographics, etc.

When did Social media get popularity?

It’s a long time now when we first used or saw a social media website like Facebook or YouTube. Earlier they were just considered for the purpose of entertainment and connecting with friends, but soon it was realized that they are a significant platform to publish information and is easily accessible to a wider range of people as compared to traditional media like newspapers and television.

Where can Social media be used?

Social media is available for the internet users in numerous forms like social magazines, discussion forums, social weblogs, social networks, micro-blogging, podcasts, social videos and image sharing, social bookmarking etc.;  but one should learn, how to benefit from it.Those who participate actively in the social media networks are not just limited to content sharing; they can benefit reputation building, career opportunities and extra income from it. Social media should be used where a significant piece of content has to be shared with multiple audiences.

Who can use it?

There are no special skills or education required for using social media websites. Anyone who can use the internet can be a part of social networks, communities, news and interact with the content contributors. Publishing in a social media site does not require special education or training, anyone can use it.

How to plan effective social media marketing strategy?

Businesses which are looking forward to connect with their customers more deeply should go for social media marketing strategies. Just like every marketing strategy requires planning and goal setting, so does social media as an effective marketing tool. Below are few tips:

•    The most important and foremost step which one should do is to set realistic goals for their business. Unless and until you are sure that what you are looking for business enhancement, you can’t move ahead with your social media marketing strategies. Goals should be, ethical, measurable, realistic, achievable, time bounded and specific. It’s not important that you set too many goals at single point of time; you can set two to four primary and secondary goals at a time.

•    The second step or you can say essential step to be taken alongside setting goals is setting marketing objectives. Setting realistic goals without quantitative objectives is totally worthless; which means if your primary goal is to search customers and generate leads, you should set the quantity also as to how many customers have to be searched and how many leads have to be generated. Again the set marketing objectives should be realistic, measurable and achievable.

•    If you are planning an effective social media marketing strategy, you should identify who are your ideal customers. You should be aware of the age, income, work profile, interests, problems etc. of your targeted customers.

•    If you are marketing your business through social media, you should be aware of your competitors and their activities, because they are also marketing in the same way as you. No need of exploring all your competitors, just pick 3-4 strong ones and keep an eye on their activities like which social networks they are using and what is their content strategy.

•    While you are spending time on choosing the most appropriate social media network for business marketing, you should also track that which network is not much useful for your purpose. You should stop wasting time on such networks. Also you should prioritize your focus on the social network in which the prospects spend more time.

•    There is symbiotic relationship between content and social media. Without an effective content, the effect of social media is not very strong, and without social media marketing no one will come to know about your content hence it’s extremely important to maintain focus on both smartly. The three important social media content strategies include, content type, time of posting and frequency of posts. You can post the content in different forms like text, links, images videos etc. depending on the requirement.
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